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Do you like Karan Khanna’s entry in Ishqbaaz?

Ishqbaaz got another love angle in the main leads’ Shivaye and Anika’s love life. While Tia was already between them, the makers aptly made a way for her exit from Shivaye’s life by showing how badly Tia is a mismatch for Shivaye. Tia has turned into a grey character, and cheating on Shivaye. Tia’s affair is known to Anika, who is desperately trying to expose Tia.

Anika’s hunt for Tia’s boyfriend with the initial D, came to a pause after she got new duties on her head. Shivaye and Anika’s story was going slow, when another entry happened to make them away. Shivaye’s childhood friend Daksh Khurana is invited by Shivaye to become part of Diwali celebrations. Anika’s work is to just organize all the events for big festivals, parties and of course Shivaye’s wedding, for which she is hired mainly. Anika comes across Daksh at the railway station. Daksh gets a crush on her and turns flirty towards her. Shivaye gets jealous seeing them.


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