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Do Premiyon Kee Durghatana (Episode 4)

Do Premiyon Kee Durghatana: Episode 4

The crash of two lovers- Yuvraaj and Suhani


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In the name of love
Author’s note: Hey guys, I have been extremely busy, so I am sorry for my inconsistency- I would probably write a few chapters at a time and post them once every two days or something, time depending x
Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience


I don’t know why I am really hyper today, I was just watching our lip-syncing video to that song in the name of love. You were wearing retro glasses and a shiny silver jacket; a bit like Michael Jackson would’ve! I was wearing your school uniform, which was baggy on my and I was holding a toy microphone. I laughed so much that my stomach came out my mouth! God, then I remembered that I forgot to write to you for a week! It is because the nurses are not allowing us to visit you… I don’t understand why not though; however, I am glad that we recorded the plethora of videos together…
Our encounters after that were just as funny as our first one, I remember Somu recorded our second one…
It started off with me ‘hip-hop dancing, well attempting to anyway, and Somu was recording it for the ‘banter’ (as the young kids say), and I remember kicking you where the sun doesn’t shine, while attempting to do a forward role.
Your face was absolutely priceless, it was a mixture of you going to cry and you trying to think- I know you and think don’t go together! Your face was scrunched up like a raisin and your hands holding onto your prize possession, Somu ended up dropping my phone on the floor while I was rolling on the floor hysterically- when I realised it was you!
I remember how guilty my face looked at first, like a was a homeless puppy, when then I saw your constipatedd façade, I couldn’t control the endless laughs crawling up my throat, your nose expanding, and your face flushed a deep shade of red… Oh God- I am laughing now while writing this!
Anyway I have to go, Pratima Maa wants me to cater some guests, they are sorting Somu’s wedding, the one we were supposed to plan; but hey I will make sure that it suits all your needs, Mr Perfect Kumar x
I will not disappoint!
*salutes, then giggles at how stupid I realise I am being*
You mean millions to me x
Your Crazy one x”


Yuv PoV:

What did I just read, I can’t control my laughter; was I really that loose, that laid back? I remember me being quite stuck up…

Well, all I know it that this girl is definitely the most weird person I had ever associated with…

Precap: Undecided…


I know it is short I just wanted to update for you beautiful people as I felt extremely guilty xx

Hope you enjoyed! Suhani is actually a bit like me XD


Love you all,
Aqsaah x

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