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Do Premiyon Kee Durghatana (Episode 2)

Do Premiyon Kee Durghatana

The crash of two lovers- Yuvraaj and Suhani


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Ed Sheeran- Photograph x

Sorry for my inconsistent updating- it is just that I am really busy- but hope you enjoy this episode the letters would be in between | “…“ | <- these signs x
Let’s get to the episode- here we gooooooo


Episode 2 | Yuvraaj

Yet again; I find myself struggling to open my heavy eyelids- the medications finally wearing off. I see the letter I was wanting to read still clasped in tight grip- causing crinkles in the top corner.

I adjust my body- allowing me to sit up comfortably. I flick the letter open again, to yet again reveal the beautiful handwriting of this girl- I am yet confused about. I start to rescan the paper- my eyes darting around the page- my intrigued mind trying to grasp the concept of this letter.

| “My yearning heart- pumping the useless red liquid around my body- just providing oxygen and taking away carbon dioxide for my irrelevant existence. My disturbed mind, acting like a broken tape recorder constantly flashing the noise and image I experienced before my eyes. Horrific. It was like my heart got torn out my body and ripped into many shreds before being engulfed by a pool of piranhas’. Unbearably painful- I couldn’t handle the event- I am still processing what happened. It- it- I- I-I can’t believe it…
The indefinite continued progress of existence- impossible slowed down- even stopped just to torture me with the images of destruction- physical and mental.
I remember being static- my emotions bottling up- I was a balloon being pumped up with excessive air. It was inevitable that I was going to burst.
From the moment the bus hit you while chasing me across the street for taking your father’s wedding ring to the moment when you were laying on the floor motionless in the pool of metallic red ooze. I couldn’t string a decent sentence of words through the ear-shrilling tears that echoed causing the whole of Allahabad to appear in milliseconds at the incident.
The ring still clasped in my hand that cupped your face- your pale lifeless face. Your gently shut eyes- red specs dotted sparsely around your cheeks. Your hair stuck together by the thick blood starting to slowly dry- I remember that small smirk still plastered on your face- causing me to break even more. I shattered into trillions of pieces of fragmentary love. All I heard was muffled noises as my ears burst- tears streaming down my face- my scream ear deafening- what monstrosity happened in front of me. My hands shaking- shuddering my tears trailing down my face- I didn’t know how I looked. But I know you would’ve said I was still beautiful…

Ed Sheeran did say “Loving can hurt” but this is extreme. This isn’t supposed to be this literal! And I blame myself for your state- and when the ambulance came to take you away from me- I felt you already disappeared and you rested in a better place- causing my wails to become uncontrollably loud and agonizing to hear as they slit the ear making it bleed- ugh. Blood. Too much. Too much innocent blood shed- my Sadu…

I am facing an unendurable phase right now mere pyar, I can’t breathe without you whispering in my ear jokes to intoxicate my soul with desire…

Please Sadu wake up soon- I miss you…”
Yours truly,
Aapaka Samosa Ladki|

| Third Person |

Yuvraaj precipitously dazed- he knew something happened- but he didn’t expect it to be that excruciatingly agonizing and gruesome.

He closely inspected the paper seeing that the ink bled slightly near the ends- tears. Tears of the depressing mind. Why? Why was he so special to this girl? Who was this Samosa girl? He felt the sadistic humor through the last words- and let out a half smile running his fingers over the letter- feeling guilty to cause ache to someone he has forgotten…

Was he really that bad?

The nurse burst through the door again, noticing the letter in his hand and the impassive expression on his face- causing fear down their petite souls.


Yuvraaj breaking out of his trance, “Kya?”

“Are you okay? We have brought you food, do you need to be fed?” The nurse finally squeaks out seeing the blank expression glaring at her.

“No, I got hands for a reason- just give me the stupid food and inject me with the strongest sleeping pill that would end this life of mine so I would hurt less people.” He blurted out- slightly agitated at the attention he thought that was unnecessary. That letter replaying in his mind.

“Yuvraaj, sir. That would be absolutely senseless,” a voice boomed (it was the doctor- oh great h thought)

“Sorry, doctor- I am just agitated- I don’t need this attention, I am an adult. I just want to try to remember.” Yuvraaj still annoyed reasoned.

The doctor just nods- understanding the situation and signals the nurses to leave his food and let him stay by himself.

| Yuvraaj |

I just can’t think anymore- well after this so-called accident anyway. Ugh- I guess I need to have my supplements and rest… With time comes knowledge…

Precap: “…Remember the first day we met?…”

Well that is episode 2!

Yuvraaj did get hit by a truck- now the journey of the two lovers will slowly unravel 😉

Love you all x
Aqsaah x

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