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Dil Chahta Hai-Prologue 2




A beautifully decorated house is shown and a girl who is barely 12 is in her balcony waiting for someone! She looks down to the gate keenly…Yes it was somebody so close to her. As a bike stops infront of her house…She jumps excited and goes downstairs.She runs and hugs a guy.

Girl:Bhai! I missed you
Boy:What to do dea…I was busy with my friends
Girl:You could have called me right?
Boy (keeping his hands on his ears): Sorry meri ma…Kal se roz phone karunga (I am sorry my mom….From tmw I will call u daily)
Girl laughs
An lady enter :Raman and Ruhi!
They share a group hug
Screen freeze

A boy was sitting in a sofa and playing on his phone…A girl comes and closes his eyes
Girl:Guess who?

Girl(again angrily):No
Boy:Then….this soft hands can be only of one persons (the girl smile)…my Ish…Ishani..
Girl:Duffer! I am your sister!
Boy:Godammit! Sorry Ishu di…I thought…
Girl:I thought u love me more than anything in this world but I was wrong…I hate u monkey
Boy:Dii….I was just joking

Girl:Then give me a hug
The boy smiles and hugs her…Another boy enter he gets jealous seeing this and runs and hugs both…The three share a group hug!
A man calls out:Ishu,Arnav,Aarav….come here.
The trio looks at eachother worried
Screen freeze

A girl is sitting alone in a room and crying…She looks around 15yrs..She has covered herself under a bedsheet and is crying uncontrollably.A couple are shown fighting and the man beats the women ruthlessly…The girl is crying hearing her mom cry.
Girl(to herself):God! When will u give my mother all what she deserves? My only wish to you is give her the freedom which she deserves and take us away from this hell!
She continues crying.

*So guys…How is the prologue 2? And what’ya looking at COMMENT below and support me!Sorry No update on sat and sun.

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