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Dil Chahta Hai – Intro


Hi all this is your friend Veronica, back again with a new ff on Ishra,Arshi and surprise entry whose intro will be given now!…….This is entirely different from whatever I have written before (Mohabbat,Pyaar,love and Hatred to love a bful journey).And no connection with the movie dil chahta hai.


This is my intro update,

A college boy.He is doing his MBA after M.com and B.com. He is pretty cool in nature and loves his friends a loot.He hates when somebody hurts his bestfriend.He is the only son of raizada family.He loves his family equally especially his mom and czin sis.Arnav still waits for a person whom he had met in childhood just once. (NOT SO EASILY)

A guest lecturer, he is Arnav’s bestfriend since childhood.He is the 1st son of bhalla family.His father runs a business and wants to handover it to his daughter.He is caring,naughty and strict..but stays cool all the time.

An MBA 1st year student who loves her brother a lot and loves being with him…She has only one best friend who is looong lost…But she still waits for him/her(Will not reveal the person easily).She is a pretty lil girl who loves being loved, she is very sweet towards people who are close to her…..She is her dad’s lil girl.

A business women,Cousin of Arnav and very close to him.Both are same age..But Ishita completed her studies(MBA)…She is cute,loving and beautiful.She doesn’t have any good friends as such…Her only friend,mentor and love is her mom.She is the only daughter of Raizada family.She is always stressed out and doesnt like having fun,masti etc…..She only likes to be alone and spend time being herself.

A business women.She lives in london.Her parents were divorced when she was young and she had a worst life as a Child.She loves her mom a loot…and hates her dad to the core.As he was the reason for all the sufferings which her mom had to go through. Her mom hardworked and established her own fashion line.Khushi is not like other girls..she is serious and but has a wild side too

A naughty handsome guy who is doing his 2nd year MBA.He is a flirty person but has respect for girls….Though he flirts with all the beautiful girls in his college….only one girl is in his eyes and that is (PS.I know all of you understood the person).He is Ishu’s and Arnav’s czin brother.And pretty close with them.

Ruhanika.Bhalla is played by Aditi.Bhatia

Aarav.Pratap.Singh is played by Abhishek.Verma

(PS. guys dont beat me for making Adi and Ruhi pairs…I love them and wish to see them as a pair)

I hope all of you are satisfied with the intro…I will update a few prologue and then will start the real ff! So guys what are u waiting for….put in your valuable suggestions and encourage your friend.

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