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Dil Chahta Hai – Episode 4


Young Arnav is doing some mischief sitting behind sofa…His mom comes and asks:Arnu kya kar rahe ho? (What are you doing Arnu)
[Present:Arnav smiles as he remembers his mother ready to scold him keeping her hands on hips]


Arnav:Maa…mein aapke liye ek cheez bana raha hoon (Mom I am making something for you)
Mom smiles…Arnav forwards a beautiful flower to his mom.His mom takes that and smiles…She makes him sit on her laps.
Shalini:u will get a kiss and a slap from me for doing this
Arnav:Why slap?
Shalini beats him on his hands slowly.
Shalini:This is for plucking this flower (kiss him) and this for ur unconditional love for me

Arnav kiss on his mom’s cheeks
Arnav:Bye mom….I am going to play
His mom smiles…his dad smiles seeing his family happy….Prakash hugs Shalini…Both spend some romantic time.

After 6 years,

After a beach break with czins Arnav comes home and sees his mother crying sitting in the sofa….He runs to her and hugs her
Arnav:What happened ma?
Subha(Ishu’s mom):Shali what happened dea?
Ishu stands there worried.
Shalini:Di woh….Prakash ji has some affair with somebody
Arnav:Kya…Papa? (What? Papa?)
Shalini nods
Subha(in the peak of anger):Chal mere saath (come with me)
Subha:To our house.
Ishu cuts off
Ishu:Chachi mere liye….(aunty for me)
Shalini nods with tears in her eyes

Next day,

Prakash returns home and doesnt find his family there…he gets angry.
Prakash enters Raizada house and shouts:Shalini! Arnav!
Arnav runs down and stands there without moving.Shalini,Subha and Ishu comes.Ishu holds Arnav’s hand..Arnita stands there clueless.

Prakash:How dare you go out of the house without my permission?
Shalini:I dont need your permission to come to my house…
Subha cuts off
Subha:What should she do with a person who have affairs outside?
Prakash gets shocked.

Shalini:I dont want any explanations.
Prakash:Shali..Arnu beta
Shalini: khabardar mujhe ya apne bete ko apni gandi zuban se bulaya toh (dont Dare to call me or my son with your dirty mouth)
Prakash leaves from there angry.

After few days,

Arnav,Shalini,Subha and Ishu were going in a car……A truck from opposite side hits them….But all four escape in a fraction of time…..They reach back home scared….Subha sees a man coming near Arnav and pulls him to her as the person comes close…The person puts acid on Subha and she loses her eye sight.
Ishu and Arnav:Maa!
Ishu cries miserably….Arnav chases the person and calls police…The person says that Prakash.Jha (Arnav’s father) asked him to do.

All get shocked…Arnav weeps…Raizada house is completely dull and sad….
Ishu:Without Ma nothing seems right.
Aarav:Yah u are right
Ishu starts crying
Arnav consoles her
Arnav:You have to be strong for ur,mom and dad…
Ishu hugs Arnav…..Her dad enters
Gautam(dad):Ishu beta….

Ishu runs to hug him…She cries badly.
Gautam:Everything will be fine….
Arnav and Aarav hug him.

After few days,

Police is doing investigation in the area as they came to know that another person has come there to help the accused…..They see a chain take it to lab and finds the prints.The police officer brings a girl along with him after further investigation….The girl was the reason behind Arnav’s parents split.And Prakash had a secret affair with her…The police statement said.
Shalini:U are the reason for everything….What is your name?

Girl:No I am Garima and the other one is Mahima.
Ishu cuts off
Ishu:U bl**dy b***c(sorry readers for using such a cheap language) u will die miserably without even meeting your family…You will never get peace if at all one day you get bail…Remember god always hears small children’s prayers…my mom says that.Inspector uncle give her the biggest punishment ever

Fb ends

Arnav cries…Raman hugs and consoles him.
Arnav: this doesn’t bother me much but ishu has been a robot after that she neither smiles nor spends time with me or rather I should say us.

Raman: Your ishu will be alright….Its only that the person she loved most is in utmost pain and she is not getting the same affection from anybody….I know ur mom likes her etc etc but she still thinks ur mom to be her aunty….I think she need love!

Arnav hugs Raman
Arnav:Thank u Raman….this was the best thing u could do….I am really grateful to you.
Raman smiles
Raman: Now dont sit here with this sad face lets go to class
Arman go to class


Khushi was sleeping and gets up at 3 in night….She opens her cuboard and takes a book….and starts reading she skips a few pages and finally reach the last written page of the book….She reads the lines:
I met a person, who considered a boring girl like me his friend…..But dont know why deep inside my heart I still think of him that naughty eyes,lovely smile,cute face….Am I falling for him?
Khushi closes the book and stands in the balcony thinking about something….she smiles.The memory about him brought a smile.

On the otherside,
Arnav who was sitting in class thinks about something
Arnav(to himself):Tht beach break was the best thing which happened to me..(smiles)

*Next epi u will get the beach break!!!!Hope it get updated in both yhm and ipkknd ek jashn page

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