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To the story directly
P:where this idiot went
B:even am searching with u
P:i didnt ask u devil
B:one day real devil gonna appear that day i well not save u
P: if that happens i will be the most happiest man as i wont b having a worst fate of living with u
Purab said it for summa even bulbul knew it but she felt little bad.they were actually searching for abhi around the castle’s.because of purab’s words bulbul stops and walked slowly .without noticing her he went far ahead .(actually they are in some lawn with grass walls like in cover pic)purab realising bulbul’s missing
P:oi devil were r u come out now

“Did u call me now”purab was shocked to hear this and turned .a old lady s shown
L: did u call some one
P: yeh its a devil who came with me by the way may i know who r u and what r u doing her
L: oooo my little boy has many questions by the way she s in 3rd row still looking for u .u have to go r lose her
P: whattt
L: run now if u wanna keep her with u
P: just rushed towards the 3rd row
Screen shifts to temple
Pr: ma how i went there s my problem turning up again
Priya: may be but dont worry
Pr:where did that kothavaranga went
Priya: breeeze just wait untill kanvi an kanna


Mean while there a scream from yoki
Guys i know its too smal but i was confused all these days abt the track so now i left it in ur hands plz say me whether to cotinue it with these fantacy things or normal life things any thing s k for me to write but i need ur help on track. soo plz suggest

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