“No! I will not” CB told pouting and turning her face away. I looked amused at her cute face which made me more crazy over her. “My dear teddy bear, only a last bit is remaining. Have that too” I told her as I held the last piece of the roti in my hand. She shook her head in no. “Come on yaar CB, finish this fast! You have to be healthy. Then only our baby will be healthy too. So, eat it fast.” I told her impatiently as I placed my hand on her small, cute baby bump. She is 6 months pregnant now. Hence, these mood swings of hers. Though I found it difficult to handle her initially, thanks to that temper of mine, I realised how difficult is for her to adapt to these changes in her. Though she demands or fights with me, the love for her blinds my anger and impatience and I am loving her more and more. And that growing cute bump of hers just makes me smile every time I see her. Now feeding her has become a habit for both of us. I just love to see the reactions on her face when she sees the food plate on my hand. And the cute demands made by her too. “Call me teddy again, then only I’ll eat. That too in a soft voice” she demanded. It is so ironical that I am calling someone by these types of cheesy names. And she is asking me to call like that in a soft voice. Duh! My voice is really like that. Manufacturing defect. She looked at me eagerly. What all I had to do to make her eat a morsel of food?? “My teddy bear! eat it soon” I told in a softer voice as possible as I could. “Am I looking like a bear to u?? I know that I am looking fat. But how can u call me a bear?? Call me teddy alone!” she yelled. God! ” Who told u that u are looking fat?? Teddy dear, please eat this. If u eat this, then only we’ll be able to catch our flight. ” As I uttered these, she immediately opened her mouth and I fed her. Yes, we have to catch our flight to trivandrum which is after a few hours. Arjun is getting married and she is excited to the core. My phone rang and I went out to attend it. As I returned to the room, I saw her staring at the sky. Her eyes were teary. What happened?? I immediately rushed there. I cupped her face. “CB, What happened??” I asked her. ” I am hurting u so much na?? I am demanding more and troubling u. Already u are busy and I am troubling u a lot. How much will u bear me?? I am feeling so bad for u gym boy. But I am not able to understand why I am behaving like this.” She told me in between her tears. “What the hell CB?? Don’t u dare to ask such questions to me again. And u aren’t doing this wantedly. These mood swings are common during pregnancy. U aren’t hurting me CB. How can u think that u are hurting and troubling me?? U are the first priority to me ALWAYS, whether u are pregnant or not. U know what, I am loving this shade of my CB more.” I said as I joined my forehead with hers. She smiled. “I love u gym boy” she whispered in my ears as she hugged me tightly.
I felt her head over my shoulder. I looked at her. She was sleeping peacefully. We were in the flight. I smiled looking at her sleeping face and gently kissed her forehead. In this short period of time, my life has changed drastically and so beautifully. Whenever I look at her and her baby bump, my heart leaps up in joy. I just can’t wait for the arrival of our baby. Till now, I had never paid any heed to my friends when they expressed their joy of becoming a father. But now, I understood the real bliss of becoming a father. And I realised one more thing too. That is, CB is possessive! I remembered the happenings which happened an hour ago in the airport.
We were waiting for our flight. She was angry on me that I didn’t take her to the mall. She wanted to buy gifts for her cousins. There wasn’t much time for us to board our flight. Going to the mall was impossible. So, I refused. Now Mrs. Singhania has swore that she won’t talk to me. I turned to her. She immediately turned her face away. Damn! I was about to convince her but my phone rang and I had to attend it as it was a business call. After I finished the call and looked at her, she clasped my hand tightly and smiled, shocking me to the core. Wasn’t she angry with me 5 mins ago?? Mood swings, perhaps. She placed her head on my shoulder making me dumbfounded. But still, I knew that something was strange. She was continuously looking towards the left side of mine. What was she seeing so eagerly?? I looked there. I saw a girl looking at us. Wait! I saw this girl, may be of 25 years, looking at me so flirtaciously during the phone call. That girl continued to look at me like that much to my disgust. Looking at her, CB held my arm more firmer like a possession. The girl went from there looking at us. So, this was the problem. I couldn’t control my laugh and I laughed hard. CB glared at me and withdrew her hand from mine immediately. “Aren’t u possessive Mrs. Singhania??” I asked her between my laugh. “Yes. any problem??” She asked me by narrowing her eyes. Gosh! She looked cute. I laughed even more harder. “How can she look at u like that? She was looking at u like as if she had never seen handsome boys.” she muttered. “So, am I handsome then??” I asked her mischievously. She turned crimson, hearing that. But she managed to hide that. “When is the flight?” she asked me innocently. “Don’t change the topic, Mrs. Singhania!” I told her. “Answer my question.” She slowly came near me, lifted her head little and whispered in my ears, ” Yes u are!” she told me blushingly. I smiled hearing that. She looked at me and our eyes met. I was drowning in her hazel orbs which sucked my breath. Her eyes always shows her limitless love for me. I slowly held her hand and brushed my lips slightly. She widened her eyes and looked all around. I chuckled at her action. “Flight no. 876….” The sound of the announcement brought us back to our senses and we made a move.
***************END OF FLASHBACK**************************************
I was about to burst into laughter remembering her possessiveness again, but I stopped when I saw her in deep slumber. She was holding my hand firmly. I placed my head over hers, which was rested on my shoulder. Though, I get impatient sometimes, due to her mood swings, I am very much enjoying this phase of our love life.
My heart is thumping now with excitement. My marriage is gonna happen in a week. It feels like a dream to me. I never thought that his family would accept me. When I came to know that his family has agreed, I went numb due to happiness. I am so lucky that I am gonna get a huge, loving family soon. His family already have started treating me like their own daughter. I am so happy that I am going to get a father’s innate love, mother’s selfless love, siblings’ fun filled love and my life partner’s everlasting love. After I lost my family in a bomb blast, years ago, I was shattered. Loneliness killed me. Though I had my brother, I really craved for a family. Now I am so thankful to god that I am getting this lovely family. I am not able to wait for that moment to happen. I never ever thought that when I met him at the village that night that this man will be my life partner. When I made friendship with him, I came to know that he is unique. And when he proposed me on his birthday, I didn’t understand anything. It seemed like a dream to me. When I thought about our moments deeply, I realised that he is the man for me. Now that everything is fine, I am eagerly waiting for the day, the moment when I’ll become his. I just can’t wait to be called Mrs. Deepti Arjun!!
Guys deesh here. Sorry for being late again. I typed this update in a hurry. Hope u like this chapter. Thanks for reading.

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