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Did you find Kunwar Amar’s Aladin role interesting in Naamkaran?

Star Plus’ Naamkaran gets a cheerful and bright character which adds needed elements of humor in the show. Naamkaran has good family drama in an offbeat story. Avni has challenged her grandmum Dayavanti Mehta of earning a bigger name than Mehta family. Avni meets an miracle maker guy Aladin by chance. Aladin wants Avni to showcase her talent and chooses her for the great platform of Gen Next fashion show, which is going to be sponsored by Dayavanti Mehta.

Avni did not know she will be facing Mehtas again. Dayavanti is launching her new clothing brand for young girls, titled Kanya. Avni gets selected in the auditions to become the new face for the brand. Dayavanti insults Avni, while the latter challenges to win the show in any way. Dayavanti tries breaking down Avni by getting an article printed in newspaper. Avni’s sentiments get hurt. Even then, Avni gets confident. Aladin supports her in her new fight. Aladin spreads happiness around. Aladin’s charm wins everyone’s hearts. Kunwar Amar plays the charming character of Aladin. He has brought the freshness in the show. There will be romantic angle between Aladin and Aisha. Aladin’s role is multi layered. The viewers will get to see more dimensions to his character in coming track.

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