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Dev’s birthday brings an emotional storm in Kuch Rang…


Ishwari tells Dev little things and stories of Dev’s childhood, how they were not rich and still had a good life with her children. Ishwari has raised her children alone and educated Dev to become so capable to achieve everything. Dev got tearful eyes and hugs all his family. There was miscommunication between Sonakshi and Ishwari. They did not tell each other about their plans for Dev’s birthday. Ishwari apologizes to Sonakshi in front of all the guests. Ishwari tells Sonakshi that she would have not kept the party if she knew of Sonakshi’s plans. Ishwari gets the cake. Dev cuts the cake and feeds Ishwari and Sonakshi. The family has to know the truth that Sonakshi can’t conceive. That will bring a big twist. Keep reading.


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