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Devil Reloaded ( Brahmarakshas) Chapter 1 (New Version)

Raina Sharma, a Junior Research Associate in Archaeological Survey of India was keenly looking at some pictures in laptop. Ajay Mehta, Raina’s colleague and rakhi’ brother, lazily sitting beside her spreading his legs in another chair and sipping coffee.
Raina- Ajay bhaiya, the place is beautiful. From where you get the pictures & details of this place?
Ajay- From my grandfather’s old research papers. You know, from British era our family was part of ASI. I asked dad about this place, but he said, he has no idea.
Raina- wow, this place was the capital of some ancient kingdom & there are still have the remains in the jungle.
Ajay- Yes, but not much details. Local People not even want to talk about the place, forget about going there. The jungle is totally abandoned. Not even wildlife smugglers & illegal traders dared to enter the forest. The huge jungle area is lonely situated surrounded by hills.
Raina- I want to do my research in this place.

Ajay almost spat the coffee & started coughing.
Ajay- What nonsense Raina ? I am not in a mood to joke with you.
Raina – Ajay bhaiya, you know I am very serious about my work. Infact, I want to thank you for giving me the info of this unique place.
Ajay ( highly irritated to see her cool attitude)- Raina, the place is cursed, whoever goes in the jungle, either they disappeared or dead. Our work is doing research on Indian History, not taking risk.
Raina- That’s what I want to do Ajay bhaiya. To do research on that ancient kingdom. Every job has risks including ours. We can’t stop our work believing on some bhogus belief & superstitions. Plus, I promise bhaiya, I will be back if the place is really that much dangerous.
Ajay sighed. He can’t refused Raina. He only nodded his head. “I will accompany you Raina.”
Raina started jumping excitedly, ” Kamalpura, I am coming.”


Kamalpura???’ IPS Rishabh Srivastava asked his senior in an uncertain tone.
“Sir, I don’t want to solve cases like who stole whose hens & goats? Whose cow enters whose garden & ate all plants?” Whatever, I know, this place is a peaceful rural area with minimum crime rates & Sir, you know, I love taking challenges.” Rishabh told his Senior.
“Rishabh, this is your first year in service & you are an IPS trainee. This posting is a part of your training module. Just for some months, you have to spend in Kamalpura Division as ASP 1.”- His senior replied in a calm voice.
Rishabh sighed.
Suddenly he heard his senior’s serious tone.” Rishabh check the old records of Kamalpura before you go & join in duty there. May be you find some challenges there. But stay safe & All The Best.”
Rishabh saluted his Senior & left the cabin. Next few days, he studied all the old case files of Kamalpura from Police Archives. So many unsolved murder & missing cases. While reading case files, a witness details caught his attention. “There is a Brahmarakshas’ in Kamalpura”. Rishabh controlled his laughter.

Now, IPS Rishabh Srivastava is standing in the Railway Station of Kamalpura,with his luggages. “Back Again in Kamalpura”. Soon he slapped his forehead.” What am I blabbering?? I never came in this before. Why this strange feeling?? But whatever it is. I am sure some illegal things is going on here. Lets unfold the mystery of Kamalpura.”

A Private Car entered the border of Kamalpura. Raina rolled down the glass of Car window. She was looking at the outside view. Suddenly she can see a blur image of an ancient warrior on a horse with a lady, putting her arms around his shoulder. She came out from her trance. There was a strange & lonely feeling. She felt, she belongs to this place & she lost someone very special in this place. Unknowingly, a lone tears escaped from her eyes.

Author Note

Heyy, This is Madhumita again. Some knew me here. The Prologue of this story Devil Reloaded, I posted months ago. But not continued it for some reasons. Again, I am back with that story with some changes.Thats why posted it new topic & deleted the previous prologue. Give me your honest opinions. It will be a short story. Next Chapter, Coming soon.

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