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Devakshi – Introduction

Hey guys, this is my first FF so I am really excited….wish me luck guys…😊

Dev Dixit – A successful business tycoon of Ishwaari Industries…He worships is mother alot and loves his sisters…He is rude(ohbodhro).


Dr.Sonakshi Bose – A beautiful, smart,
intelligent and fun loving girl.. She is a
nutritionist and takes care of Ishwaari(Dev’s Mom). She loves Dev truly but doesn’t let anyone know about it..

Ishwaari Dixit – Mother of Dev, who wants Dev to marry soon..She likes Sonakshi and wanted that Dev should marry her.

Hey guys, so this the Intro of my first FF..i am really nervous…i don’t know, how u all guys write these FF..as it involves a lot of things…Hat’s off to those who can write these types of such creative and incredible stories..

I will try to post the first Episode soon….may be by Friday….

Do tell about the FF through ur precious comments..and if u all have some suggestions for me then do tell it to me openly…as this is my first FF…😊â�¤â�¤ðŸ˜Š


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