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Devakshi – Epi -1


Hey guys,so let’s not waste time and start…😊


A big mansion is shown…named as “Ishwaari Niwas”. The house seemed pretty good from both inside and outside.

Then a 28 years old man came running down from the stairs calling…”Maa, maa”..,then a woman of probably 50 came there..She asking him “what happened, why r u shouting Dev ?”
Yes, the man is none other than our Dev Dixit.
He said that ” Maa, i have to take ur blessings!” Making a innocent puppy face..
The woman is Ishwaari Dixit..

Ishwaari gave him blessings….and when Dev was about to go he bumped into the girl of 25 years…She was about to fall when he held her one hand and holded her from her waist..Due to fear of falling down she closed her eyes tightly..but she opened her eyes when she feels two strong arms were holding her…She was feeling like she is in heaven when she saw Dev holding her…she feeling very much safe in his arms and doesn’t want to go off from his arms…
But she came out of her dream world when Dev said ” Ms. Bose ” loudly…She stood up and spoke” it’s Dr.Bose for u and mm Thank u for saving me from falling down”…Dev said ” no need to say thanks as I am having now practice of saving u… I think after ur accident…u r again and again falling down and u r also lost in ur own world”…” R u okay Ms.Bose??”…he said it with some concern….

Yes, the girl is none other than Dr. Sonakshi Bose….

Sona P.O.V
Yes, i am falling down…but it’s in ur love…and
Yes, I am lost in thoughts of u ,Dev, I love u ….truely, madly and completely….But I don’t
know how to say it to u ?..?

Dev said ” Dr. Bose”…Sona was still busy in her thoughts..
Dev said ” Ms.Bose”…a bit loudly…but Sona was still lost..
Dev said shaking her” Sonakshi”…screamingly

Now, Sona was out of her thoughts..”Yes yes yes, what happened”…

Dev said ” Sonakshi, r u okay ??” with concern..
Sona was in shock to listen her name from Dev’s mouth…She said” U said my name”…

” Oh, sorry it came by mistake….but r u ok .?”..
Dev said gentlely….

” No problem and I am fine” said Sona…
Dev said” ok then bye” with a smile on his face…
Sona said “Good day to Mr.Dixit…bye”..waving her hand…
And then Dev left for the office…

All this scene was witnessed by Ishwaari , who was feeling happy 😊 from inside….

PRECAP- Ishwaari’s plan to Unite DEVAKSHI and INTRO of Riya, Neha and Nikki to the story…

So, here is the first epi I don’t know how was it…bad or good…


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