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DARLING!!! LOVE ME Introduction

Character sketch…
Sanskar Gadodia – son of Shekhar and Janki gadodia . a good heart and strong headed men of 27 years age handsome and hot .love his brother more then anything. He love to do gardening so he work in small nursery.
Laksh Gadodia – son of Shekhar and Sharmistha .carefree bird and total flirty woman is his hobby not interest. But respect them ,love his big bro more than anything.at age of 27 he is famous chef and also all time mountaineer.
Shekhar Gadodia- a man of few words ,very cunning and calculative textile business man of Delhi have everything in his life but happiness.
Sharmistha Bose – a women with beauty in her mid age ,ACP of police department of delhi veryarrogant women and deceplined women,FIRST WIFE OF SHEKHAR GADODIA devorced fifteen years before.she have everything in her life but peace.
Janki Gadodia – a sweet and fun loving women love herself too much more then anything, bitt too much selfish but careless about responsibility. Second wife of Shekhar Gadodia .ex – actress of Bollywood.
Ragini Maheshwari – beautiful and sweet women but her mind is total politics and she can go to any extent to make everything possible what she wants get it. She is helper in her father party and childhood friend of Sanskar and laksh.
Durga prasad maheshwari – good friend of Sharmistha treat her like sister and Current home minister of delhi.very kind and powerful men and minded but his one weakness is his only wife what she he implies that because he love her damm too much .
Annapurna Mehra – widow and family Doctor of Gadodia family .very fine lady ,her husband Sushant Mehra died twenty years before in plane crash .he was police commisioner of delhi police department.
Sujata Maheshwari – wife of DP .very greedy women and self centered. Use her own loved ones as toy for money and power.
Swara Mehra – daughter of Annapurna.live in New york at the age of ten year.very beautiful and genuis .and not at all trust worthy.
Arjun Gadodia – son of Shekhar and janki Gadodia just one year elder then sanskar and laksh professional lawyer and live in New york past three years and managing business of his father from New york itself.
Arnav Singh Raizada – orphan but don’t mind .ASR known for his bad temper and angry young man .AR fashion house owner as he is the only heir of Raizada family after his parents unfortunate death in car accident. His mother’s sister Annapurna Mehra have taken care of him .

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