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Daastan e Ishq (Raglak/Swasan)(5 Shots) First Shot

Well I am back guys with the first shot of the five shots.

Well both Swasan and Raglak Versions are pen down here and I hope it reaches up to mark.


Also both stories are running simultaneously but somewhat differ in some aspects ?

Let’s get started with the story…

(If by any chance someone missed the introduction the link is here for you;


I hope you catch up with the introduction!)

Raglak Version
It was a dark, rainy night in Kolkata. A man was seen driving on the isolated road. Wearing spectacles. He suddenly applied a break. Hid eyes were shown and he is revealed to be Lakshya (Imagine his present avatar as Abhimanyu.)

His eyes caught the glimpse of a girl, dressed in a pink anarkali frock and pink chutidar, dancing in the rain, and is completely drenched. He was mesmerized by the simplicity of the girl. The beautiful voice of her anklet filled the atmosphere with serenity. She was enjoying the touch of rain drops on her soft body, as she played with the water droplets. Her eyes were full of innocence, with her simple looks. The girl is revealed to be Ragini.

The eyes (of Laksh) which were full of love were now turned full of rage, a night just same as this one passed from his eyes as he clenched his fist. He stepped down the car and shouted, “Hello Miss!!”

The sound of the anklets stopped as the girl froze as a statue. She held tight to her dupatta, and feared from the person standing in front of her. She uttered, “Yes!” He looked at him sternly and said, “What an dancing prodigy you have, but sorry show your talent somewhere else this is a road not a dancing academy!” She just gazed over him and looked down with guilt as drops of tear fell down her eyes, but the rain droplets hid them. She muttered, “Sorry!” And tugging tight to her bag she turned to move and all she listened was, “Cheap girl! All ways to trap rich boys!”

These words were enough for a girl to gear and she shouted with much courage, “Lakshya Mehra!!” Laksh turned back, astonished and in a sarcastic way said, “Yes?!” Ragini came forward and said, “Travelling in big cars and living a luxurious lifestyle, you are commenting on a random girl’s character. A person who has never seen a life, and passing comments, this is cheap mentality. Do you know me? No!! But at least care for your status, you are a big rock star and a teen sensation and many fans respect you and unfortunately I am one of them but now I curse myself that why on earth I ever was crazy for you!” Laksh did not utter a single word and moved towards his car and sat and thought, “Girl! You do not know what life is, maybe? Because I have seen life really very closely!” And he drove off from there.

On the other side Ragini was surprised and said to herself, “Wah Ragu! How did you get so much of courage to speak up for yourself. But that idiot was pointing towards your character and…” her chain of thoughts was broken by a phone call and she glanced as the screen flashed, “Radhoo” she attended the call and uttered, “Hello! … Haan Radhika I am coming! .. Yeah 15 minutes more I am reaching!”

Laksh reached “The Mehra Mansion” parked bis car and walked inside the great mansion, all draped in white. The lavish lifestyle may be compared of the lives of the kings, but no one knows the loneliness hidden behind the walls, which make a person crave for the emotion “Love”

There Ragini reaches Baadi, where a girl dressed in yellow baggy shirt and black dhoti salwar is waiting for her with a crossed face. Ragini’s steps slow down as she knows how angry the person is standing right in front of her, but this time she is not afraid or her face turned pale due to fear, no one can imagine that the Ragini who fears to face the world can be so strong to face someone. She walked to the girl and held her ears and said, “Sorry!” Her innocence can melt anyone’s heart and this is the same case what happened here, the girl said, “It is okay Ragu…But be aware of Radhika Methotra!” Ragini smiled and wrapped Radhika, her bestie cum sista in her embrace.
LOVE makes person strong in 2 ways ; one is the way when the support of your loved ones make you stand in front of the wall and the other case is when the crave of your love makes you stone from inside!!
Radhika broke the hug and exclaimed, “Ragu why are you wet?” Ragini hit her head and said, “Budhoo…it is raining so!” And she rubbed her ears with a pout face. Radhika put her hands over her waist and put it off, “Ragu you catch cold so easily and still you played in rain!” Ragini tried calming her down stating, “Radhoo..why are you taking tension…mujhe…Aa…kuch nahi hua…Choo… Achoooo!” Raadhika burst out in laughter, “Mujhe…Aa…kuch nahi hua…Choo..Achoooo!”

Ragini started hitting Radhika with a pillow and the two landed over the bed, holding each other’s hand…both looked towards the ceiling and Radhika exclaimed, “One of the best moments of life!” Ragini smiled and looked at Radhika and said, “Yeah…I wish time stops here!” And the 2 talked for a while and then fell asleep both hand in hand.

Back at Mehra Mansion…a dark room is shown, rays of lights were falling over a man, who looked weak and drunk, he looked young youth and as the camera focused he is revealed to be Laksh, in an fully inebriated condition, all he said before falling unconscious, “Girls are players of emotions!!”
Precap :- A new twist in “Daastan e Ishq” *Hint : Raglak meet* How?…When?…Where?

Swasan Version
A bright, sunny morning in Kolkata, the sun was shining brighter than usual, the birds were chirping, and the wind was howling fast as the breeze flew.

An orphanage was shown, and a room was focused, with a tagline, “A smile ? Better than the thousands of jewels on earth!”

Inside the room a girl is seen, she is playing guitar and around her girls and boys are circling and clapping. The girl is dressed in a purple sleeveless long frock with bangs in her hair. Her big, black eyes are focused, which are full of life, a long line of eye liner is applied and the mascara over the lashes. Her lips are focused and a curve is formed over them, really a SMILE IS BETTER THAN THE THOUSANDS OF JEWELS!

The performance came to an end as a kid shouted among all, “3 cheers for Swara didi!” All kids started shouting, “Hip hip Hurray! Hip hip Hurray! Hip hip Hurray!”

The girl smiled and is revealed to be Swara Bose.

On the other side, the clock struck 7 a man woke up and walked out of the bed and proceeded straight towards the washroom. Walked out exactly after 10 minutes dressed in a white shirt, over it a black blazer with white pants. His hair were a mess and he combed them, making them look presentable. He tied his watch and walked out of the room. Walked to a room where a picture was placed of a man with a garland over it. He took off the garland and placed a new one with fresh flowers of his own garden. A woman came inside, who wore a marwadi sari. She uttered, “Sanskaar!” The man turned and is revealed to be Sanskaar. He bows down to the lady, taking her blessings as he stated her, “Ma!” And the woman is none other than Annapurna.

Sanskaar said, “Ma I am leaving for office, do you need something?” AP said, “No beta!” Sanskaar said next, “Okay! Bye ma!” AP stopped him and said, “Have your breakfast Sanskaar!” Sanskaar just left without uttering a single word.

AP looked on sadly. She looked at the photo frame (of DP) and said to the picture, “Ji, have you seen since she went away from Sanskaar’s life he has turned to a stone. Office and then locks himself in a room. He even has stopped photography, which was his passion. No one can say that he is that Sanskaar who cared for everyone, who led a lively life. The one who used to spread happiness has now become the wall in front of his own happiness!” Saying this, tears welled up in her eyes.

Back at Swara’s side she is seen packing her bag. She asked the kids, “Bachon..I am going for shopping what do you want for you all!” All yelled, “Chocolates….Chocolates…Chocolates!” Swara smiled as she calmed down the kids and said, “Acha baba I will bring them. Don’t make noise neither disturb Urvashi Maasi (Owner of the Orphanage) Okay bye kids! Love you all!” Saying this she left.

A building is shown, the banner showed, “Sargam”

Sanskaar was shown, scolding his employees.

Sanskaar yelled, “You all are fired!! Out!”

The employees were a bit hesitant, Sanskaar looked on with full rage and shouted, “Get out!!”

Being frightened the employees left. Sanskaar hits his fist over the desk.

The phone ranged, Sanskaar calmed himself down and picked up the call, “Yes? Sanskaar Maheshwari speaking!”
The caller is revealed to be Uttara, Sanskaar’s sister.

She spoke, “Bhai, tomorrow one of our 25 year old professor is resigning back at college so the college has thrown a farewell party for him. So can you buy a gift for him, actually I am busy with my assignment.” Sanskaar replied, “No need to worry, I will bring a gift for him!” Uttara got glad and thanked him, disconnecting the call.

Sanskaar left the office and head towards the shopping mall.

At the other side Swara also reached and as fate wanted Sanskaar also reached there. The duo stepped together as a strong breeze flew. Both felt a different sensation. Both turned to see each other but an aged man blocked their view and the duo proceeded towards their respective destinations.

Swara bought her required stuff and the gifts for the children. From the other side Sanskaar came talking on phone, busy in his own world.

As fate wanted, 2 did not lay heed and then, “Clash!!” Swara’s handbag went up in the air, the 2 hands touched, making one another feel a different sensation, Swara bowed down to pick up the stuff, Sanskaar turned removing the phone away from his ear stating, “Sorry!!” Swara was shocked at hearing the voice, she turned and was astonished to find Sanskaar standing and all she muttered was, “Sanskaar!!” Sanskaar was much more amused and left from their hurriedly.

He reached Maheshwari Mansion and rushed to his room and locked himself.

He opened the cupboard, filled with the pictures of Swara. He took out a photo frame which showed both Sanskaar and Swara as bride & groom!!!
Precap :- Relations…

So the update of both versions end here, respectively.

Though they were short but as I mentioned before in the intro as well that from 5th December I have my exams, running till 15th December so busy with studies, got some time so updating.

There must/ may be a delay in the next update as of examination. Maybe I will post after 15th Dec so please don’t forget my FF ?

Loads of love ♡♡♡

Do leave your views guys ?

Keep smiling ? Always ?

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