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Daastan e Ishq (Raglak/Swasan) Introduction (5 Shots)

Hey guys, Zuha here…After a long break though 🙂

Well I have an idea in my mind and I thought to type it down for you all 🙂


Well this story is for both Swasan and Raglak fans as I will be typing 2 versions and both versions will depict but the dialogues and a few things will differ from each version. So Swasan fans can enjoy Swasan and Raglak fans can enjoy Raglak 🙂

Also my other FF (Once Upon a Love Story…A Swasan and Raglak Fan Fiction) will be updated soon!

Swasan Version

Sanskaar Maheshwari : A person who hates 2 things in his life, photography and nature. He carries a stone-heart with him and is always engrossed in work. He is an introvert, locks himself in his room and anger is always on his nose tip. His life revolves only around his work and nothing else. He lives as a lifeless body!

Swara Bose : She is a sweet, fun-loving, care-free girl with a friendly nature. She lives alone and works at an orphanage as she herself was brought up there and since then she is attached to the orphan children and she showers the orphans with love. She loves nature and stays affirmative about herself. She believes in herself and walks with her head up high, as her eyes are on the stars and feet on the ground which is what she says 🙂 Her small world revolves all round her and the orphans who are her hope to life!

Promo :- A man is seen working, the clock is continuously ticking from 8 in morning and struck at 12 of night, when the man looks up to time and he is revealed to be Sanskaar. He takes off his specs and moves out of his cabin to find the entire office to be empty.

He reaches home and as he heads to walk to his room he hears servants saying, “He is the same Sanskaar Maheshwari who used to love everything around him and now look at him!” The other servant says, “Yes, since she left from his life he has turned stone!!” Sankaar is ought to hear them, as he closes his fist in anger as his eyes turned red with vengeance….

On the other side, a bright morning is shown, pigeons are shown flying away and a girl is seen playing with the pigeons while a pigeon sits on her finger and she smiles.

A voice is heard, “Swara di!!” The girl blows off the pigeon to fly as she turns with her glowing face and is revealed to be Swara.

She walks up to the person/kid whom she was called by, but a thorn pricks her leg and she lets go a hiss of, “Ouch!” The little kid runs to her and asks, “Are you okay! Is it paining?” Swara passes a faint smile stating, “Such small wounds can never break me as I have faced many storms in my life!” Letting go off a tear from her eye….
BG Voice :- Do dil jo hai juda kaise ho ga unn ka milan? Kya hai yeh shuruwaat nayi Daastan ki ya phir taqdeer palte gi apne panne?!


Raglak Version
Lakshya Mehra : He is a rock star and a teen sensation as he rocks over the world of music. His voice has a different, attraction, a different sensation, with a pain which touches the heart of the listener. Lakshya Mehra is the great teen sensation for the world but no one knows the dark world which lies behind this great sensation. A broken man with a past….A drunkard…A person who hates Music!!!

Ragini Gadodia : She is a choreographer and teaches dance to orphan kids. She is friendly though, but with a quite nature. She does not get along with anyone so well and fears to face the world, she is always to herself and never discloses her weaknesses to anyone!!

Promo :- A man is seen, facing his back, he is playing a guitar and voices of cheering are heard, “Laksh! Laksh! Laksh!”

“Khusbu se teri yunhi takra gaye…
Chalte chalte dekho na hum kahan aa gaye…
Jannatein ‘gar yahin tu dikhe kyun nahi
Chand sooraj sabhi hai yahan…
Intezaar tera sadiyon se kar raha hai…
Pyaasi bethi hai kab se yahan…
Hamari Adhuri Kahani…”

On the other side a girl is seen doing khatak dance, and teaching children as well…

The melodious sound of her anklet is filling serenity in her environment…when suddenly her anklet breaks..she looks at the broken anklet and says, “Relations are also delicate, if you play with them they break apart so hard that they never mend up!!”
BG Voice :- Ishq ke 2 rang kya mil paaye ge aur likhen ge apni daastan e ishq??

So now both the versions have been completed.

Well the versions will run simultaneously it is your choice whether you want to read Swasan, Raglak or both.

Well now I will biding you guys adieu. Well for next update may be I will do it within weekend or after my exams get over which means after 2 weeks… Well do share your views and how was it?

Did you find it engrossing? Also leave comments coz then only I will be deciding whether to write further or not 🙂

Love u all ♡♡♡♡

Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

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