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Current Track FF on Swaragini (TS)

Hi guys. I am new in writing field. This is my first fan fiction ever and ya I am a silent reader also always waiting for others to write the ff so that I can read them. I will not let you wait more and I hope this is not boring and goes successful so that I can continue the ff. This will be a three shot ff on the current track of Swaragini. So lets start with my story.



Sanskar was sitting drunk in a dark room where there was no sort of light. He was remembering the most beautiful moments he spent with Swara in his life and then he remembers the day when Swara left him even after knowing that if she left him than after this he will not accept her ever in his life again.

Sans: Swara, you did not do good leaving me alone now you will see the worst side of Sanskar Maheshwari just few days more and then you have to get ready to bear the punishment.

A girl is shown crying on her fate thinking what game is destiny playing with her. She gets a flashback in which she had to choose between her sister and her husband .( So the people who guessed it is Swara are right)

Suddenly her phone flashes and it shows a call from Sanskar. She sits up straight wipes her tears and tries to be normal. She picks the call.

Swa: Sanskar, Laksh ka kuch pata chala kya?

Sans: Mrs. Sankar Maheshwari oops sorry- sorry Mrs Swara Godadia ko apne pati ko chod kar baaki sab ki fikar hai. Khair ye chodo mujhe Laksh ka pata chal gaya hai aur police officers usse kal tak ghar lekar aajaye ge iss liye kal shaam ko 4 baje MM aa jana Ragini aur sab ko lekar aur haan punishment ke liye tayaar rehna. Bye.
by saying this Sanskar cuts the call.

Swara again starts crying but just then someone knocks on the door. She hurriedly stands up and wipes her tears. She comforts herself to show that nothing happened. Again their is a knock on the door she goes and opens the door of her room and sees Ragini.

Rag: Swara mein mandir jaa rahi hun kya tum mere saath chalo gi?
Swa: Ragini kya tum aaj akele jaa sakti ho mujhe kuch kaam hai.
Rag: Kuch nahi hota Swara tum apna kaam karlo.

Ragini left the home to go for mandir. As Ragini left Swara immediately went to Sumi and Shekhar and told them about Laksh coming tomorrow at 4 pm in evening so they thought to not to tell Ragini so that she gets it as a surprise.

Swara after discussing it with Sumi and Shekhar came to her room and again started crying it was not that she was not happy for Ragini but it was that she could not return to Sanskar after the arrival of Laksh.

( Guys I don’t want it to be boring so I am just gonna skip night and come at 3:00 pm.)


Sumi , Shekhar and Swara ask Ragini to get ready as they are going out and tells her to not question them. So, Ragini silently nods her head and goes to get ready. After some time they leave for MM.


All were waiting as no one knew that Laksh was coming without Sanskar, Swara, Sumi and Shekhar. All were present there as Sanskar called everyone . It was 4:00 pm now everyone was asking Sanskar why he called everyone

San: Just wait for 5 minutes and everyone will come to know why I called you all.

Just then the door bell rings and inspector came with Laksh. No one could believe that it was Laksh but slowly turn by turn everyone went to Laksh without Ragini as still she couldn’t believe that the love of her life, her Laksh is standing infront of her. Laksh comes to Ragini she couldn’t do anything other than hugging and crying but after sometime they depart and everyone question laksh.

DP and Ap: Where were you Laksh from six months?
And slowly everyone starts asking the same question and then Sanskar tells that Laksh was kidnapped by Sahil but yesterday Police traced the location of Laksh by the help of the phone which was turned on by Sahil by mistake and then he thought to give you all a surprise.

Everyone was really happy that Laksh returned with happiness of Ragini. After so many months Ragini was happy in real not in fake.
Swara was going to take water for her as she was feeling not well but suddenly someone pulled her in a room and kept hand on her mouth to not let her shout.(Yes guys you guessed it right it was our hero Sanskar)

San: Tumhe nahi lagta Swara ki tum kuch bhool rahi ho?
Swa: Batao kya sazza hai meri.
San: Are tumhe nahi lagta tumhe kuch zyada hi jaldi hai sazza paane ki chalo kuch nahi hota tumhe woh Uttara ki sagai ke baad pata chal jayega tab tak apni zindagi ke ye pal kushi se bitaa lo. By saying this he left.
Swara was on verge of crying but she controlled herself as everyone was happy and she did not wanted them to get sad .

Sujata and everyone was discussing about Uttara’s marriage and thinking to whom they should give the wedding planner contract as everyone knew how Uttara’s mother in law was suddenly Ragini tells them that Swara and she can do the work of planner as they have been doing this work from five months.

Laksh and Ragini stayed in MM and Sumi, Shekhar and Swara went to Badi back. Everyone was upset but could not do anything as this was the decision Swara and Sanskar made.

Hi guys this is it for today. I hope you like it and please do comment as I need everyone’ s thought whether they liked it or not as this is my first ff I have wrote turning from a silent reader to a writer. Thankyou.

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