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Current Track FF on Swaragini (TS) part 3

Note do read the part under this line to clear the confusions .

Hi guys I think I need to clear the confusions first. Swara was pregnant only once having twins but one her unborn twin baby died because of Swara taking stress. If you want to think this as an immaginary thing you can but I really believe in God and for me by God blessing any miracle can happen such as having twin babies but one dies first only and other is still alive.



Swara was gonna fall but Sanskar comes and catches her and makes her sit on bed. He brings water and makes her drink it so that she feels better. Swara did not know that everyone now knows about her pregnancy with twins and one of her twin died because of stress.
Swa: Sanskar maine divorce papers sign kar ke tumhare cupboard mein rakh diye ( says with teary eyes ).
Sanskar does not say anything but brings the divorce papers and tears them. Swara gets shocked. Sanskar comes near her and sits on his knees.
San: I am really sorry Swara. I am the worst husband and father who couldn’t save his child.
Swara was shocked that how he got to know about their child.
San: Swara everyone at home knows about the twin babies from which you lost one child. Swara I promise we will start a new life with our child but please forgive me. I am really sorry for hurting you but please again come to my life. Without you I am like a lifeless body. I am sorry Swara I couldn’t show up as a not best but not at all googd husband also. I am the worst father who couldn’t save his child.

Swa: No Sanskar you are best father in the world instead I am the worst mother in world and the worst who couldn’t save her child. Sanskar I… I lost my… child because of my problems( she was stammering saying these words and after that she breaks down and cries loudly leaving her heart out).
Sanskar was consoling her but she couldn’t stop blaming herself for the death of her child. Suddenly she starts breathing heavily and seeing this Sanskar gets worried as because of her continous crying it happened. Sanskar brings water and makes her drink it while rubbing her back and making calm. After sometime Swara again starts crying keeping her head over his shoulder.
San: Swara stop crying it is all my fault I shouldn’t have said you those words and we wouldn’t have lost our child. Please Swara I am sorry.
Swa: It was not at all your fault Sanskar. Please don’t ask forgiveness from me as it is all my fault because of which we lost our child.
San: Swara stop crying as it will stress you more and remember you still are pregnant with our child. Please if not for me but atleast stop crying for our child who still a live in your womb.
But Swara couldn’t help it as she was a mother. She stops crying loud but still she was weeping silently keeping her head over Sanskar’s shoulder. Sanskar was consoling her but she was not in mood to listen and slowly slowly while weeping she sleeps over Sanskar’s shoulder only. When Sanskar feels Swara’s weight over him he thinks to check her and smiles seeing her sleeping as she needed to be away from stress and needed only rest.
After sometime Sanskar pick Swara in his arms in bridal style and makes her sleep peacefully and comfortably over the bed. He pecks over her forehead and goes down so that he does not disturbs her sleep.
All were sitting in hall waiting for Sanskar to come. When they see Sanskar coming all gi to him and asks about Swara.
Ap: Swara theek hai na?
Suj: Ha beta batao na?
Lak: Bhai bhabhi ne aap ko maaf kiya kya?
San: Arre mujhe bolne to di jiye. Swara theek hai bus vi so rahi hai. Aur vo bahut jyaada dukhi hai. Vo saari baato ka kasur khud ko hi de rahi hai. Vo sirf ro hi rahi hai. If she crys like this and stays stressed we will lose our second child too. We need to keep her happy. (Saying this he breaks down)
All were sad but think how to keep her happy. Laksh thinks why not we go out like some kind of picnic.
San: No Lucky we can’t take her as she needs rest.
Suj: Yes; Laksh Sanskar is right she needs full rest in this condition.
Rag: Why not we arrange a party at our house for Laksh return and Swara’s pregnancy as this will lighten Swara’s mood also and she will get rest also.
San: Yes this idea us good but before that I need to complete a very important work. And he tells a plan to everyone which is muted.

Everyone starts preparing according to the plan.
Swara was sleeping peacefully as after so much time she let her pain, her heart out. Sanskar enters the room to keep a check on Swara. He smiles seeing his angel sleeping. And goes to the balcony. Meanwhile Swara wakes up and sees no one in room she again remembers of her child which died and starts crying. After few minutes she starts feeling headache and stands to take water to drink but she starts feeling dizzy while Sanskar comes and sees Swara he goes and holds her and makes her sit on bed.

San: What happened Swara? ( tensed)
Swa: Nothing much just my head is paining little bit.
San: If your head is paining then why you stood up?
Swa: Woh Sanskar I was feeling thirsty so to drink water.
San: Why didn’t you call me and you should have told this ( brings water abd makes her drink while speaking) first. From next time call anyone if you need something and you need to rest only.
Swa: Nahi Sanskar I can’t sit here for whole day and just rest.
San: No means no you have to rest only.
Swa: ( she knows that there is no use of arguing ) ok fine I will take rest fine. ( By saying makes a pout thinking how she will stay in one room for whole with the environment just like a hospital)

San: Swara I have two surprises for you.
Swa: Sanskar what are the surprises?
San: I will tell you only if you will eat your vitamins first as I know which you will not.
Swa: No Sanskar I will not eat the yucky vitamins medicine. You don’t know it is really bitter in taste.
San: Ok I thought to give your one surprise as a dairy milk chocolate but if you don’t want to eat the medicine than what is the use of giving you chocolate.
Swa: No Sanskar I want chocolate. Ok I will eat the medicine.
Sanskar smiles and gives medicine to Swara. After eating the medicine she shows her hand for chocolate to which Sanskar gives her and for which Swara in excitement she gives a peck on Sanskar’s cheek making Sanskar shocked and smile on her childness. She takes the  chocolate and sits on the bed crossing her legs keeping a pillow over her lap eating the chocolate like a small child. Sanskar smiles seeing her happy as for atleast for sonetime she forgot her pain. After finishing the chocolate Swara asks Sanskar for her second surprise .

San: For that you have to wear the this dress.

Swara opens the box and finds a beautiful saree of red and cream colour.She gets happy as it was her favourite colour saree. She goes and wears the saree and asks for the surprise to which Sanskar takes her to hall.

Precap- Sanskar’s surprise and Laksh returning celebration.

NOTE ——Hello guys your task is to guess what the surprise is in comments and instead of having it in three shots I am gonna make it of few shorts as even I am not sure for how many shots I may have. And guys please do tell me in comments how you felt the FF and for Swasan scenes as I specially added the Swasan scenes for my readers not to disappoint them . Thankyou and I hope till now everyone’s confusions got cleared.

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