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Current Track FF on Swaragini (TS) part 2

Hi guys I am really happy by everyone’s comments. At the time it got was posted that it was 3:00 am in morning and when I woke up and saw the comments I was really happy. So guys lets go with part 2

After Swara left Ragini was really sad but she couldn’t do anything as Swara had given her oath of her.

NEXT DAY the preparations of Uttara’s ring ceremony had started everyone was busy for the preparations and Swara also came to MM to plan the wedding and the ring ceremony. After the planning was done they started decorating the hall

Swa: Arre bhaiya flowers ko yaha pe nahi lagana. Arre bhaiya ye aap kya kar rahe ho yaha par nahi, laiye mujhe di jiye mein karti hun tab tak app bahar se dusra samaan le kar aaiye.

The servant goes and Swara starts to put flowers standing on the ladder without noticing that the ladder’s screw is loose. The ladder starts shaking on the other hand Sanskar was coming from his room and notices the ladder is shaking . Swara was almost gonna fall when she feels someone is holding her with two strong arms (Swara eyes were closed and the guy is non other than Sanskar ). Swara opens her eyes and both share a lovely eyelock showing how much pain they have hidden and how much they love each other . After sometime Sanskar places Swara on the sofa beside and leaves without talking. Swara felt bad thinking that he left without talking to her suddenly she starts feeling like vommiting and she runs from their to washroom. After sometime she starts crying as on one side Sanskar is not talking and on another side she can’t share her problems with everyone.

After some time Sujata calls everyone and tells them that Uttara’s mother-in-law hates bangalis and she has not told her of swara being her wife. And if she came to know that then she will break the marriage of Uttara because I made this relation on the basis that Swara will not unite with Sanskar. Everyone gets shocked as for making Uttara marry she separated Swara and Sanskar. Sujata asks Swara to not tell this to Gayatri otherwise Uttara’s marriage sill not happen. Swara not having a choice agreed to her and left to Badi.

Next day in MM

The whole mansion was decorated beautifully. The groom side had arrived. Uttara was wearing a red and yellow lahenga and was looking beautiful with Ragini wearing blue and green lahenga. Laksh was wearing a green shirwani with Sanskar wearing a cream shirwani. Just than Swara enters wearing a pink and cream lahenga. Seeing her Sanskar was awestruck to see the love of his life just like a princess but soon his ego and hatred overcame his love and he was just waiting for the ring ceremony to give her punishment. After sometime Sujata makes Gayatri meet Ragini and Laksh as the son and dughter in law of Maheshwari. Than Sujata makes her meet Swara and Ragini as the wedding planner. Gayatri likes Ragini and Swara but shen she comes to know that Swara is bengali she does not like the fact. Soon the ring ceremony was done and they started the dance . While Swara was going from the corridors suddenly someone pulls her to a room.

Swa: Ah ( but before she could scream someone kept his hands on her mouth to prevent her from screaming and sees her beauty without making her notice as her eyes were closed)
She slowly opens her eyes and sees Sanskar but Sanskar removes his hand and looks other way to prevent the eyelock so that he does not get lost in her eyes.

San: So Swara Godadia ready for the punishment.
Swa: Batao kya hai meri punishment.
San: Ye lo papers aur inhe sign kar do.
Swa: Kya likha hai in papers par?
San: Ye hai mere aur tumhare divorce papers hai.
By saying this he left from there leaving a shocked Swara behind. Swara starts crying but couldn’t do anything. She signs the paper leaving the papers in the cupboard and went in hall where the celebrations were going on. The dancers were waiting for their turn to dance but the main dancer falls down getting her leg twisted.

Gayatri was just passing from there and saw that and called Sujata saying what type of arrangement she has done. She says she can’t make her guests go without their entertainment and to arrange a dancer fast otherwise she will break tge marriage. Swara not having any choice couldn’t do anything as Ragini can’t dance in front of Gayatri as Gayatri knows Ragini as the daughter in law. She goes to get changed . Suddenly the lights go off in the hall and a spotlight falls on a girl standing in between the hall in a veil and song starts playing Deewani Mastani and everyone gets shocked to see Swara dancing(guys you can imagine Swara dancing in Swaragini). While Swara was dancing Sanskar notices a guy seeing Swara with lustful eyes and folds his fist in anger but Sujata stops him. He couldn’t anything rather than seeing his love of his life getting insulted so he goes to his room. After the dance was over Swara runs upstairs to Sanskaar’s room’s washroom as she was like vomitting. When Sanskaar listens sound from his washroom he goes to check ( guys remember while Swara was dancing Sanskaar left from there. He came to his room’s balcony).

When Sanskaar comes to his washroom he sees Swara vomitting and gets tensed but his anger overcomes his love for her. Swara does not notice him as before she could turn Sanskaar goes back to room. When Swara came out she starts crying silently without noticing Sanskar as her back is facing her. Suddenly she starts getting blurred image feeling giddy and faints. Sanskar notices this and catches Swara before she falls down. (Till now the function was over and everyone went) Sanskar lays her on bed and tries to wake her up getting tensed but she does not wake. He puts some drop of water on her face but she still does not wake up. Seeing this he starts calling everyone and soon everyone came and gets shocked seeing the condition of Swara. Ragini runs to Swara and tries to wake her up but she does not wake up. Laksh calls the doctor. After sometime doctor arrives and starts checking Swara.( Guys the doctor is Swara’s friend and her doctor but she does not know Ragini)
Doc: Kya inho ne koi kaam kiya tha?
Rag: Nahi doctor she just fainted suddenly wait Sanskaar Swara tumhare saath thi na.
San: Nahi doc voh achanak se behosh ho gayi.

Lak: Haa doc Swara ne dance kiya aur fir thori der baad she fainted.
Doc: Kya aapne Swara ko roka nahi aisi haalat mein isse dance karne se.
Rag: Aisi haalat mein matlab? Kya hua hai Swara ko?
Doc: Swara stress ke kaaran behosh ho gayi magar aap ko Swara ka khyaal rakhna chaiye jaante huai ki stress ke kaaran woh pehle hi ek bachaa kho chuki hai aur stress se voh apna dusra bacha bhi koh sakti. Aap ko toh Bhagvaan ka sukhriya karna chaiye ki Swara ka ek bacha abhi bhi jinda hai . Maine Swara ko injection de diya hai aur thori der baad Swara ko hosh aa jaye ga aur Swara ka dhyaan rakhiye ga kyunki yeh Swara ka 3rd month chal raha. Ab mein chalti hun ek emergency case hai.
Lak: Aaiye doc mein aapko bahar tak chod aata hun.

Everyone was shocked specially Sanskar. Everyone left as Swara needed rest but Sanskar was still standing numb over their as he still couldn’t believe the thing happened just before. After few minutes he becomes happy that he is gonna become a father but then he again becomes sad as his one child already died. He was confused whether he should be happy for becoming a father or sad for losing his child. He finally makes a decision that he can’t bring the child he lost but can be happy to become a father. But then he remembered the flashback of the divorce papers he gave to Swara, the time she fainted in his arms, when doctor told because of being stressed she lost her child. He feels guilty that Swara has went through all this alone. He thinks to agajn start his new life with Swara abd his new baby who is gonna born. He goes out to listen a call when Swara wakes up holding her head she couldn’t see anything but she starts getting out of bed when she again starts feeling dizzy and she by mistake makes a vase fall down. Listening the sound Sanskar comes in and catches Swara and makes her sit on the bed.

Hey guys this is it for today next I will yry to post soon but it becomes difficult as their is difference between the time in US and India. And in my FF I wrote that she lost her one child but one is still alive as per my thinking the world is full of miracles done by God. I am not sure that this happens or not but as my thinking anything can happen by God’s grace. Thankyou guys for encouraging me so much and commenting and again please do comment.

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