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Cupid’s Stupid Game Of Love (Chapter-2)

Cupid’s Stupid Game Of Love
Chapter 2
My Ego Did It All!

Ragini’s point of view
Who doesn’t love adventures??? Me!!!! Why would i ?? My life is no less than a Roller coaster ride with many unknown loops and turns…. Being adventurous is good… But being an adventure within is just another thing….

I was fifteen back then when my sister Swara got married to Sanskar…. They were best friends…. For me, their relation was more or less the same after marriage… But when i saw their behavior, it struck me….. Swasan…. The greatest friends of all times were friends no more…. It was quite confusing that just a marriage broke their strong bond which was unbreakable according to everyone… There were once inseparable….  According to my teenage thinking, if i was made to marry Sanskar, we would surely hate each other because we were never even anything close to friends… He was just too busy with my sister and i was a way too busy with his brother…. And we have maintained this relation of being nothing for each other even now!!!! But yes according to me, if i was forced to marry Laksh, it would have been the best thing on earth!! But back then, I considered them as lame and stupid for all this until when i was actually forced to marry Laksh!

We were in love that time but again marriage at the age of fifteen was not a joke… I repeat…. It was no joke!!!.. And the reason being Swara…… My sister had broken all contacts with my family except for me…. We talked everyday on phone…. And so, both these families decided to cheer up Swara by getting me into the maheshwari house…. At first we were not told about their intentions of getting me married so all three of us enjoyed our friendship…. Forgetting Sanskar…

I stayed there for a week or two trying to cheer up my darling sister when i developed close relations with each and every member of their family…. Swara was already very close to them… But her marriage destroyed it all….. And then the bomb was dropped….. We were given all sorts of promises and something as lame as kasams till the time we gave up…. But no…. It didn’t affect us so much…. We didn’t hate each other then….. We were married and we started staying together…..

When i had just fallen for Laksh, staying with him forever was a dream….. And this marriage was a dream that came true too early….. A way too early…

“Better three hours too soon than a minute too late”

A quote by William Shakespeare that we were taught almost in class five….. I proved it wrong…. We proved it wrong!

We fight more with the people who are close to us…. Or the people who are always around us….. When me and Laksh were in two different mansions in two different parts of the city, we met once in a week unlike Swasan who were in the same school….. Back then all we talked about was that how much we missed each other, about how our moms scolded us or what were the pranks played by our classmates on us and something as silly as that…. But now that we were together, we had the entire day to blabber all nonsense, we picked up many fights with each other……

Adolescence, being the so called crucial phase of every life, where teenagers become egoistic and self centered, and stuff , of course we started ignoring each other….. The difference in our opinion slowly pushed us away from each other…. That’s when i realized what Swasan had in their minds and hearts after their marriage.

Just like Swara, i had started moving away from both the families…… Now the only one close to me was loneliness….. Not even Swara….. It was my fault though…. I blamed her for my bad luck…. Though she didn’t feel bad because we were always used to each other’s behavior, but she started staying away from me… But still she helped me indirectly in many ways…… Still I started neglecting her….. So here i am…. Left all alone…..

For the outside world, we are best friends…. They call us ‘ soulmates’ but in reality, we are just two sisters who want to get together forgetting all there grudges but their ego won’t allow them to do anything as such….

Looking closely at the decisions taken recently by the two families, it is quite proved that whenever these two families come together for a decision, the decision is a wrong one. A drastically wrong one!

They had decided Even to stop our education… But thanks to us sisters who had to fight even to go to school….

“School”…. this one word school which is hated by all children was loved by us… It was the only way to make us feel better and relaxed….. We forgot every sorrow in our life at the time we were at our school or college with our stupid friends there to trouble us….

I remember how much i hated when Lisa would draw lines on my shirt with a white chalk and then laugh around telling every soul about her prank but now!!! I just loved it…. An unknown smile appeared on my lips when she did something lame to trouble me or Swara…. We enjoyed it!

No matter what all decisions were made against us, we sisters fought against it together while our so called husbands were totally unaffected by them….. Forget helping…. They didn’t even console us when we were asked to stay in the house…. Or wear so called descent uncomfortable salwar suits….. But again we didn’t need them.. Or their help… The Gadodia sisters were just too strong to give up on anything and the world had to accept their defeat no matter what!

I thought about how it all happened so quickly without even our realization.


It was a Saturday morning….. I was sleeping comfortably in my bed cuddling with my little pillow…… Being a little fifteen year old girl, i was a late night owl so i used to get up late… Everyday the strong sun rays would disturb my sleep.. But this Saturday morning was different…. That day…. I was going to the maheshwari mansion for the first time after my sister’s marriage…. The word excitement was a way too small for describing the feeling i had…. That day, i rose before the sun….. I got up at five in the morning……. My bags were packed and i was a way too happy even at the thought of meeting my sister after a week…. We had been away for just a week but it looked like a century to us….. We were soulmates…. Typical soulmates!

All sorts of possibilities of Swasan running, teasing, and pulling each other’s leg came in my mind while i smiled as I sat in my silver Ciaz and the driver drove us to the maheshwari Mansion.

On reaching there, adrenaline took place of blood in my veins…. Excitement, excitement and excitement was all i felt with a little relief of meeting my oxygen after a week….. As ma baba stepped inside the house, i followed them quietly while my eyes searched for the one and only lazy lad swara! I’m sure she must be still sleeping😴…

As we entered the hall, the red and golden curtains swayed as the wind blew welcoming us into the huge mansion. There we saw seven familiar human figures…. Durga uncle, Annapurna aunty… Ram uncle and his wife Sujata aunty…. Adarsh Bhaiya and Parinita Bhabhi…. And there stood Sanskar in one corner. The moment he saw us coming, he grabbed his football and went out through the back door…. Obviously he was rude…. Maybe because we were never friends… But my mind thinking of Sanskar and me was brought back to reality when i heard Swara scream.


And before i could turn to face her, i was already lying down on the floor with her on top…… She had hugged me with such a humongous force that we both ended up falling down….

Force = mass × acceleration
Huge force=Ragini lying down on floor with Swara on top.

I heard Adarsh Bhaiya chuckle seeing our love…. She didn’t care to say even a hello to maa baba and she dragged me all the way to her room……

These Maheshwaries are quite rich people…… Even though Swara was rude to them, they made all possible attempts to make her happy….. Her room… Uh huh!!!! So sorry!!! ‘Their ‘ room was filled with Stuffed toys of all sorts… Right from teddy bears to Mickey mouse to Tweety Bird… And what not…. I was really mesmerized seeing the room…. No not because of the toys or stuff but….. For the first time, Swara’s room was neat and tidy with no books lying on the bed and with no lines on the bedsheets….. I was quite sure that it was the servants in the house who did this all…..
The name ‘ Swara’ and the word ‘untidy’ were just like synonyms to me…… I remember writing Swara as a synonym of unorganized in my preliminary examination…… And Lol!!! The teacher gave me a big zero!!!😛

But finding myself with swara again was a different feeling in all… We talked all day….But there was something strange in my her talks….. the usual word ‘Sanskar’ was missing in her talks….. Earlier, her every sentence would either begin with or end with this word ‘Sanskar’ but now i felt completely strange……i felt Her talks to be incomplete…

I remember how i used to get fed up of her Sanskar ‘puran’ earlier but now I had started missing her rants about Sanskar…..

It took me full two days time to understand their change in behavior…. Though i felt sad for them, i also thought them to be crazy…. They didn’t talk to each other when they could do that for the entire day…..
Two weeks passed like two days when i felt something strange in everyone’s behavior…. They pampered me more…. They sent all four of us children to roam around in parks and gardens…. Swara pleaded me to go back but i was a way to happy to be able to spend ample of time with my boyfriend Laksh… And then the bomb was dropped….

Flashback ends

I still curse myself for not obeying swara and leaving the  Maheshwari mansion as now… Our relation is worse than Swasan…. From the past two years, Laksh comes home late at night fully drunk and calls me with all girl names but mine…. Every night, he has a new name for me…. He talks so lovingly and dreamily to me forgetting that i am his wife Ragini whom he hates like hell and who by now knows about all his extra marital affairs but it doesn’t affect her…… she Is the victim of his love every night but sadly she can’t save herself from her so called husband….. She has no one who could listen to her cry her heart out….. And that’s the story of his wife.. That’s Sadly me… Ragini Laksh Maheshwari…

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