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Childhood love come into real (abiya)

Hi guys this is sowji…actually i got a dream so i thought my dream come into fantasy forum..that y i writting this ff..i hope u wil encourage me..actually my story is totally different but i wil use the character name in here..i know many ppl like our KKB so i want to use that charactet name here…now i stop my bak bak let move to my dream story..my story i never want to say who all people come in this ff… A Beautiful village…everywhere greenish crop..one tall handsome guy his name is rishanth asked his body guard(BG)where is my sister that BG replied to that rishanth she is her room getting ready for her college OMG today also she wil late..let me go to visit her to room..A beautiful gorgeous girl sitting infront of her mirror…her earrings dancing in the air..her hair fling in the air..her eyes r attracting she put kajol in his eyes..top of eye lid she put eyeliner..her lips is too pinky without lipstick..she take orange lipstick to put in her lips..she is traditional typical girl…she always like traditional look she wore white top her hand borders r golden colour,her pattiala pant golden colour matching duppatta she looking gorgeous…suddently her phone is beeped..she took her phone looking it name showing alia..message is where r u darlu i am waiting for u..v wil go to class together…OMG alia came too fast..2day i am too late…surely she wil kill me..she replied to her text on the way alu..she hurrily take her bindhi kept it her face…in mirror showing a girl face it is our heroin priya…

(i felt pragya name into priya) she took her bag…now checking her bag OMG where is my pursue…oh ystday i kept my purse in my brother room she walking in the corridor suddenly someone kept hand in her back she back see a person its her brother 2day u again forget to kept ur purse no bro actually i come to ur room only..before that u took it..village name is vilapuram..every day she go to her college by bus…she and her brother staying at that village her brother is saviour of that village…it like nattamai..her college is around 20km from this village..now storying move into city 2 guys talking in the car because of u v wil late for our office..one guy told to another guy…again he replied sry purab…actually i woke up late that y too late…it is our hero abishek prem..his eyes r sparking wolf eyes…very attractive eyes..easily all girl fell down in his eyes..he is rockstar…his friend purab always supporting him to moving one step in his life…his voice is too matured and fanstatic voice..suddenly abi put the break the car has stopped..he panicked.. let me continue this ff…waiting 4 ur comment…y the car has stopped y abi panicked let all ppl wait and watch


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