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Childhood love come into real (abiya) ff – 5

Hi guys this is sowji…i give one more ff 2day…this ff no is 5…thank u everyone..keep support me like this way….2day i am going to introduce lot of new character here thank u KKB,IPKND,MATSH..because i wil use this serial character here..let go to dream story…

the ff begin with whole mehra family are very happy…because purvi wil go to engage so soon..abi told to them they wil arrival on tomorrow nit…so whole mehra family slept happily….on the other side priya get a text from alu…told about purvi engagement..darlu replied for her text..wow it great news…super….both chit chat some time after slept happily…next day morning…alu woke up earlier..she get ready at morning inform to her mom…left home at 8am…that time only abi wakeup in his room..asked about his morning coffee..actually abi morning coffee already in table..her mom told to abi..its already in your table..abi see this…sip a coffee…suddenly abi asked about alia..his mom told to abi..


she left already…abi asked where???? Abi mom replied:u knew huh she is always spend her weekend with her bestie…abi said mom 2day purvi engagement function going y she left so soon she wil have lots of work here mom..without informing me she left.. when wil she come she told any inform ation about her arrival…abi mom teasing manner asked to abi:2day what happen for u caring ur sister too much..helo abi we wil be here huh we wil do purvi engagement function too grand…so don’t worry..alia wil come at afternun..so don’t worry…informed abi mom to abi..left from the room…abi think in its mind hey chaithan(alia) i am waiting for ur arrival..after u come i wil kill u…on the other side priya wokeup prepared her morning coffee…she also like to have coffee like abi(behind reason later u wil know guys)…after coffee…both brother and sister had breakfast..


.rishanth asked about alia arrival…she said about purvi engagement function to her brother…may be she wil not come 2day..at there she wil have lot of work…his brother replied oh…suddenly a voice come from the door both looked behind to see…its our alia…alia said loudly how much work i have i wil come to meet my frnd regularly…no 1 can stop me…prishanth happily smiled…rishanth think in his mind god plze stay both of them like this way…i want both of them happily always stay ever…rishanth informed about his work..he left from there..alu and darlu go to darlu room…that vilapuram people know about alu darlu bond…

alu and darlu both pet for vilapuram people…both spend some time in home after they feel like bore they locked the house went to field…they enjoyed there alot…now time is 1pm ..after they have lot of lunch…because vilapuram all people live and behave like neighbours…all people habit think everyone consider as own familymember…they both again leave to home.. after 2pm rishanth came..alia invited darlu and his brother for engagement function..they said k we wil come..alu said to them brother i wil come to pick her on monday..one week she wil stay at my house..plze bro permit her…she request alot finally she get a permission darlu brother…alu wave a bye left from vilapuram…screen shift to mehra house its fully decorated suddenly 4 car come inside..abi,dadi,purab and his parents welcome them..abi father has 2brother and 1sister…

Who r them wait and watch on tomorrow ff….now only start interesting ff…

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