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Channa mereya by priyali (part 9)

Hi peeps!! Priyali back with my ff! I must say… u guys are not really commenting these days but never mind. But it’s a request, silent readers , if any, plz comment. Those who are commenting, plz continue to. Without further ado, let’s move on to the episode.

Morning: Shivika’s room
Shivaay and Anika are sleeping(in the same position as they were behind the moon). Shivaay gets up first and sees Anika sleeping. He decides to not disturb her and slips out of the room and goes to the washroom. When he comes out, he sees Anika still sleeping and decides to make breakfast alone. He makes Anika’s favourite: French toast and coffee. He loads up a tray and brings to their room. Anika is still sleeping and shivaay goes into the room and gently caresses he hair whispering “Anika, get up…”. Anika however, does not get up and she puts her head on his hand and says no, I won’t.
S:OK, then plan B .
A: huh what?
At this point of time, shivaay starts tickling Anika.
Anika starts giggling and says “stop!!!!!!”
She starts laughing like crazy.
(Kaun Tujhe plays in the background)
Tu aata hai hai seene mein…
Jab jab saasen bharti hoon
Teri dil ki galliyon se.. mein har roz guzarti hoon
Hava ke jaise chalta hai tu.. mein ret jaisi udti hoon…
Kaun Tujhe yun pyaar karega jaise mein karti hoon.
Haaaaaaaa aaaaa
After this , shivaay finally stops tickling her.
After a few minutes, she finally stops laughing and regains her breath. She hugs him good morning and he reciprocates. Good morning anu… u finally woke up..
A: Ya … was super tired…
S: OK go freshen up and then eat breakfast.
Anika gets up and suddenly sees the French toast and gets super excited.
Thank you thank u thank u thank u!! She grabs shivaays hands and they both spin.
Woah Woah woman chill… it’s just French toast. Shivaay says.
Arrey, I’ve not had it in a super long time. I love it.. Anika says.
Go freshen up first and then eat. Shivaay says a bit sternly.
OK professor. Anika says.
Anika goes into the bathroom leaving shivaay chuckling at her antics..
After an hour(10am.)

Anika has finished eating and she sees the time and says. “it’s time for billuji to leave for work.”. She finds shivaay getting ready for work in front of the mirror. She goes to him and slips her hand onto his shoulder.
Shivaay knows that it is his anu and says “kya hua? Leave naa I’m getting late for work”.
A: Do u have to go? I miss you when you are not here..😳😳making a cute pout.
S: (smiling) aww… but I have a surprise for you. After today, I have taken a leave for a week. In that week, we will be going to the oberoi farmhouse, which is in the countryside. All of the youngsters, me,u, Rudy,soumya, ishana and om.
A:wow… I never knew u planned so far ahead…but it sounds really fun!!! Hang on… is that om calling us?
S,:.idk.. let’s go see
Shivika go out of their room and see om very tensed.
S: kya hua om?
O,: ishu is in the toilet, vomiting.
Oh, lemme go check. Anika says.
Anika goes into the toilet and finds ishu vomiting.
She goes to her and holds her hair gently.
After a few minutes she finally stops vomiting and Anika brings her out.
As soon as om sees ishu, he rushes to her and cups her face in his hands.
O: u OK na?
I: Ya omie.. I’m OK…
O: but why did u vomit?
S: arrey, don’t u remember? When anu was pregnant she used to vomit almost every morning? It’s part of pregnancy.
O: oh yeah!!
Anika goes to the kitchen while shivaay leaves for work.
Anika makes a glass of lime juice for ishu to make her feel better.
Ishu drinks it and says,”thank u di, I feel better now.”
Arrey thank you kis liye? Mein Teri behn hoon na… and anyways mujhe to tera khyaal rakhn kyun nahi rakhna chahiye?
Comes Anika’s reply.

So… that’s it for today peeps… I hope you enjoyed it. Do comment if u like it. Chamelis and tomatoes are also welcome.

With lots of love,

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