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Chandragupt____Frustrating and Disappointing serial

Introduced admist of huge hype and cast popularity, chandragupt serial turned out to be a very dissapointing soap so far. Such a worst imitation of Bahubali including its poster.

Rajat tokas performance is the only saving grace of the entire soap but even that is not upto the mark compared to his performance in prithviraj chauhan and Jodha akbar.


Sweta basu performance is at its worst. Her performance in makkhi was far better. Her physical appearance is also really irritating. They should have hired someone like paridhi with natural aura even with basic dialougues. Oh god whenever she says pita maharaj or cries I get irritated instead of feeling pity on her.

Helina’s character………..is shown psycho and I initially dislike her but her performance is improving from time to time and it is interesting to watch her on screen. I like her attitude.

Durdhara’s performance although not adequate still good.

Graphics and wireworks are worst in this serial. People fly for no reason. War scenes are most unnatural I have ever seen. I really hate that this serial is named after nandini and wants to watch his chemistry with helena or durdhara but not nandini. Even today when chandra feels pity on nandini, I did not like it at all. The serial is progressing too fast and Im sure now it will stall just to show chandra and nandini’s love story. Ekta team has already made dunny imitation of creature 3D in the form of Brahmaraksas and now creating a spoof of bahubali in the form of chandranandini. I believe this will not achieve the success level of Jodha akbar at any cost.

Sorry to say I could not forget sweta’s scandal till now. I even hate her voice. As mentioned by few it is strange that so many people hate female lead in this soap.

I would like to see if someone shares my views or not. Please comment below.

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