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Chandra Nandni – Love story beginning by Hatred

Chandra and Nandini will have a fight. Padmanand and Nandini are challenged by Chandragupt. Nandini is a warrior and is leading Padmanand’s army. Padmanand is proud of his daughter.

Chandra and Nandini will start the war. Nandini challenges to Chandragupt to fight with her. She provokes Chandragupt and calls out the enemy army to come ahead. Padmanand feels Nandini is better than a son and gets glad.

Chandra and Nandini are linked by their fate. They both don’t know the bitter truth of their childhood, how Padmanand has killed Suryagupta and detained Rani Moora. Whenever Chandra and Nandini meet, there is always a spark by their enmity and hatred. How will their love story written by hatred develop?

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