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Chandra Nandni 29th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 29th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Nandini dashes Chandragupta on her way back and the ring falls and Chandra picks it up,Nandini thinks he shouldn’t have it and takes it back and says it’s my fathers he had given it to me please let it be with me and leaves. Mora goes and checks all arrangements and asks why so much haldi,dasi says it’s from people they gifted it and are happy with the wedding news,mora says helina and durdhara you will look after the arrangements,helina says but I don’t know any rituals here,Mora says you will be helped,helinas mother walks in and says Chandragupta is my son in law too and so I will take haldi to Nandini.mora says thank you.


Nandini mixes the poison in haldi and asks dasi to take it to Chandragupta. Padmanand very angry on news of her wedding,Amartya says your

anger is not good for your health, padmanand says she is my daughter and it’s my duty to protect her,and about to leave,Amartya says please try and understand we are week as army and no one knows about you being alive if you go magad you will be killed and Nandini will be in more trouble and I promise you I will not let this wedding take place you please calm down and rest till we are ready to fight.

The haldi are being exchanged,Panditji carries out the rituals,helinas mother says your rituals are so beautiful and takes Lord Ganesha blessings,magad ex queens and ladies thinking about the haldi and poison. Chaya says today I will apply so much haldi on you that it won’t leave you even if you breath thrice,durdhara takes haldi to Chandragupta. Nandini all ready for her haldi ceremony.durdhara says helina is elder and so let her first apply haldi to Chandra,Chanakya steps in and says stop no one touches the haldi.

On Nandinis side there is no married women to do the haldi ritual. Chanakya says you are a King now and so we should be careful and so the haldi will be tested, and so the dasi who got haldi please come here,a dasi steps in,Chanakya says apply this haldi on your arms,she applies it,Chandra says I think it’s safe,Chanakya says patience King,after some time Chanakya says it’s safe you can use the haldi, the poison would have reacted if any in there.Helina applies haldi to Chandragupta.

Sunanda says sorry there’s no married women in our family,mora is informed about this, she says helina and durdhara will go and do nandinis rituals,helinas mother says sure they should even I will accompany them. Durdhara walks to Nandini and says don’t be sad it’s a happy day for you,an you and me will have same husband and so you are my sister to me,durdhara applies haldi to Nandini and says with this you will be more beautiful and says helina please come,helina to walk her mother stops and says don’t,and you will know soon why I am stopping you.

( helinas mother while about to step in her bathe,hides seeing Nandini and Sunanda and hear them talk about the poison ring and the fact that they will mix it in Chandraguptas haldi and says they will try and kill my son in law now ays and so while taking liars ganeshas blessings she exchanges the haldi.)

Sunanda asks durdhara did Chandraguptas haldi take place,durdhara says it’s going on,helinas mother says helina our work is done lets go. Nandini thinks soon will be news of Chandraguptas death and Chandragupta walks in and pulls Nandini,Avantika says Nandini stop and says I knew this dangerous looks like we are caught.

Chandragupta picks up Nandini in his arms( durdhara rushes to Chandra and says my hands burning please help me,Chanakya says it’s poison and calls Vaidya and asks how did this happen,durdhara says is net to apply Nandini haldi and then my hearts start burning,Chanakya says this is nandinis haldi,durdhara says good my hands are burning this bad nandinis whole body is covered with haldi.) Chandragupta puts Nandini in a tub and starts splashing water on her,Nandini pushes him and says so cheap of u how dare you do this even after being a King,Chandragupta pulls her close forcefully and pushes her in water and then puts the antidote on her and leaves.

Avantika and Sunanda come there. Nandini later has the scene going on and on in her mind and disturbing her and thinks how is he still alive,Chandragupta walks in and says you must be thinking how am I alive,let me tell you.

Precap: Chandra and Nandini have haldi on their face and Chandragupta pushes her and says you tired kill me and looks like my touch is so torchering to you and so now I will kill you with this pain every single day.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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