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Chandra Nandni 24th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 24th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Mora dressed as Rajmata in castle,she calls Chandra and asks him to meet Chaya and says she is your elder sister,Chaya rushes to Chandra and hugs him and says I am so lucky to have such brave brother like you,Chandra says I had no family and today I met my loved ones it’s unbelievable,mora says believe it, it’s the era of good beginning,dasi says Chanakya has invited everyone in Sabha.


Avantika sees mora as Rajmata and gets angry,all magad ex queens and princess are dressed as slaves, Chandra says to mora, ma meet your daughter in laws,helina and durdhara,both take moras blessings. Chanakya says Chandragupta mourya is the new king of magad, all applaud in his glory, Chandra sees nands mentally disabled son,applauding for him and walks to him with a sword, Nandnini stands ahead

him and says please don’t,Chandra pushes Nandnini away,and about to kill him, seeing the innocent boy, says acharya what will I do now, your revenge or the principles which says that it’s not legal to kill an innocent,Chanakya says you are magads King and knowledge and shastra is very important aspect of Kingship and this quality of yours truly makes you King, soldiers take him to Vaidya and starts his medication for betterment.

Helina walks to Avantika and all ladies and says send Nandnini to jail and others in nazar Kaid. Helina to Nandini you are going through all this beaches you snatched my love maliketu,stand so you will be jailed here, Nandnini says I don’t bother staying here but I never loved maliketu and didn’t even knew about your love and I’m upset about the fact that you think that I did bad to you,helina says I will take revenge, all this I did is because of maliketus betrayal and you were the reason behind it, Nandnini in cuffs says I feel bad for you and if by torchering me if you feel better I won’t deny this punishment but we were friends then why didn’t you tell em about maliketu I would have talked to my father, helina says shutup, I don’t beg to anyone, so you will be my slave life long and pushes her away.

Chandra in his room,and later roaming all around the castle on flower showers, he sees the Royal bed,dasi says maharaj if you wish to change, Chandra says leave me alone please, Chandra walks to the bed,Chanakya says this is your room, the magad Kings,the whole castle is yours now,Chandra says but all of this,Chanakya says you have won it, Chandra says all this, I was grown in jungles and this feelings is all weird, Chanakya says because you always here with a mission and now here as a King and so this feeling but the truth is this the result if your hardwork and soon you will be King and learn to live like one.

Chandra sleeping with durdhara, Nandini crying in jail thinking about her fathers death,Chandra hears the noise,and follows it,Chandra says this crying sound is crushing my heart,Nandini says pitamaharaj why did you leave me alone,Chandra walks to Nandini, Nandini sees him and the flashes of him killing her brothers and father goes in her mind,Nandini crawls to him and says I beg of you,kill me you killed my brothers and father,please make me one favour kill me,my life has no value, please kill me I beg you and falls in his Feet and says send me to my pitahamaharaj, Chandra gives her water, Nandini says I want death please kill me,I want to go to my pitahamaharaj.chandar feels bad and leaves.

Durdhara waiting for Chandra, Chandra walks in and is upset, she asks what’s wrong,Chandra in tears says I had seen my baba Hot my mother and that use to give me pain when she use to cry and today when I saw Nandini cry for her brothers and her pitahamaharaj and now she wants to kill herself, durdhara says you are in tears,Chandar says tears in my eyes, durdhara says I have never seen tears and this pain in your eyes, accept this pain,Chandra says she is facing the consequences for her brothers and fathers Ill deeds, Durdhara says Chandra accept this emotion,this is a sign of humanity and King dies have this quality too, Chandra says no ways,durdhara thinks poor Nandini.

Pre cap: Chanakya asks Chandar to marry Nandini, Chandra asks but why should I,Chanakya says because nand is still alive.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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