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Chandra Nandni 17th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 17th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Chanakya walks to Nandini but she rushes away. Durdhara and Chandra are announced husband and wife. Padmanand to Nandini you shouldn’t have done it,I was so worried for you,Nandini says I’m fine,but the news is Chandra is getting married again for political help,padmanand says anyways he has lost twice and lose this time too,Amartya says but this time I think we should change our plans,because I can see that this time the war will be on next level.


Helina to durdhara, you have helped Chandra and our army but he is mine,durdhara says Chandra is yours we are just friends, trust me,helina says that will be great and leaves. Dasi dress durdhara and make her sit in bed like a bride,Chandra walks in and dasi leaves and thinks what will I do now,and walks to durdhara and sits beside

her,he asks why are you sitting like this,durdhara says dasi asked me too,Chandra says remove your dupatta I can’t see you and talk to you like this,durdhara removes her dupatta and gives Chandra milk, Chandra says why are you behaving like this,she says you are my husband now and I’m asked to behave with you like this now,Chandra says ok and says do me a favour you go up sleep I will come later.

Durdhara says as you say,Chandra says enough stop behaving like this, you are my friend,durdhara says everyone asked me to behave like this, I don’t know what to do,Chandra says why did you marry me,durdhara panics and starts talking, Chandra says calm down,sit down, you are my friend and always will be please don’t behave like this, we don’t need to change our relation,durdhara says it’s such a relief, Chandra says come lets play a game and both share a merry time,durdhara says don’t tell helina about it I’m so scared of her, Chandra says don’t be scared she is good lady, durdhara says I don’t know I’m scared you go to her I don’t want you,Chandra says ok but on one condition you will never behave as a typical wife,go to sleep now and leaves laughing.

Chanakya says Chandra bhanugupta has sent us all the money we required,Chandra says good now padmanand has to worry about us.

Chandra and padmanand start getting ready for the war. Padmanand says that Chandra tried threaten my daughter saying he will kill me but he has no idea his death is waiting. Chandra is told that it will be difficult to get padmanand this time he will be under tight covers with huge army. Nandini wishes luck to her father and brothers and during maliketus time she says I will come soon and leaves. Chanakya discusses his plan, bhanugupta comes to see them,he says this is piplivan head after knowing about Chandra he is here to help us,the head says your father was a great man he was like father to praja,you are our King and whole piplivan is with you.

Nandini disguised as dasi, gets into the army of padmanand, padmanand says today I will end that Chandra,and proceed to war. Durdhara wishes luck to helina and Chandra,by performing Aarti,durdhara says I’m always scared of you but I know your genius and so I will pray for your victory,helina says victory is all ours.chandra seas durdhara worried and says i will return and as Samrat Chandra Gupta mourya.

Dasi sees Nandini asleep in cart, soldier informs padmanand about it, padmanand goes to her,and asks what are you doing here,you shouldn’t be here, I will arrange your cart to castle,Nandini says I’m not going any where I just want to be here with you, it’s for my peace of mind, I accepted wedding proposal just for your happiness and it’s all that matters to me, please allow me to stay with you. Padmanand says ok but you will not enter the war field.

Nandini feels someone walk and attacks and sees maliketu and says sorry I didn’t expect you,maliketu says I like this wild cat side of yours but cats look good as pets and sits close to Nandini and says you know this war results are based on my performance and so I want something in return,Nandini says what you want,maliketu says you, I mean you are marrying me but not full heartedly and I want you completely with soul and body. Nandini controls her emotion and says your support is my fathers need and anything for my father and so I accept,maliketu says great the victory is ours.

Helina and Chandra all set for war, Chandra has his eyes filled with anger and fire of revenge,magad army arrive at the spot.

Pre cap: both armies all set to attack. Mora looks with pride at the Chandra word inscribed on the stone by her. Padmanand announces attack on Chandra.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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