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Chandra Nandni 16th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 16th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Helina to Chanakya we should use Greek techniques in war this will help us, both see Chandra angry and rush to him, Chanakya asks Chandra what’s wrong why are you so angry, did you get any information, Chandra says yes about my existence and it is, my parents just raised me but the truth is surya Gupta and mora are my parents, suryagupta who was killed by NAND and mora my mother who is still trapped by that NAND,and now I won’t spare NAND,this time NAND will be defeated,my birth was with a reason and that is NANDs end,Chanakya says this is why I always see quality of kings in you and the sign of Morya Vansh on your hand explains everything.

Chandra says this time NAND won’t be spared , I was in front of my mother but couldn’t confront her because of my defeat, Chanakya

gets a letter by padmanand for war, Chandra says I will fight every single time till I kill that NAND,my anger and revenge will be my strength and this will kill that magads unfaithful King, this time I will win because the person fighting is Chandragupta Morya.

Chanakya to Chandra and helina, now we know magads strategy but how will we defeat such big army,helina says Greek army will join us tonight,Chanakya says but we are short of money,to fulfill our army needs,Chandra says who can help us then, Chanakya says you will help us, you are suryagupta son and so the land of your father will help you, you have to get the landlords there to help us.Chandra says I know who can help us.

Chandra meets his friend for help, she says ok let’s try I know my father won’t agree but.chandra says but I’m future king of magad,and suryagupta son,she says you are fooling me,Chandar says why will I,she says ok with all you strength and confidence go talk to my father and he will agree.

Chandra goes to see her father, he says you are here again,Chandra says before you take any step ahead let me tell you, I’m future king of magad and have already attacked him twice and now I need your help to Sponsor my army,he says no ways are you drunk,Chandra says see this mark of Morya Vansh and if you help me I will help reduce your loans,and me being a part of Morya Vansh you know your future benefits, he says ok I will help you on one condition marry my daughter, Chandra says no ways she is my friend and also I’m married, he says think on it before you reject, Chandra leaves in anger.

Nandini to mora, your son will never, he was defeated twice and Ran Away but this time he will be killed,mora says no ways,this won’t happen,the way your father had conquered magad with cheat,Nandini says liar are you,my father is mahapadmanand no one can defeat him, your son will be defeated, mora says look at that spider web, a spider works hard, my son is like it,he will fall but rise every single time,go tell your father,this time whole family will be in dusts,Nandini says and you keep in mind no one can ever defeat us.

Chandra to his friend why you want to marry me,she says I’m here to help you,Chandar says I can never be a husband you want to have, I can never love anyone and you know the reasons and I can never risk your life for any purpose, she says if you say no my father will force me to marry that head he is so bad and harasses women for my sake please, I will never expect you to be a husband atleast you never will torcher me,Chandra says always keep these words in your mind, I agree to your proposal.

Nandini thinking about mora and Chandar calling her father a cheat and says my family is loyal but I need to find every information about Chandra to defeat him and leaves on her to find the details. Chandra agrees marriage proposal and makes a treaty saying you will finance as much as the amount my army needs, he says agreed and after all you are suryagupta son, Chandra says your money will be refunded it’s a loan on me and so I will marry your daughter durdhara.

Nandini Reaches the tents and covers herself with blanket and walks in with the crowd,it’s the night of Chandra and durdharas wedding,soldiers asks Nandini who she wants to meet but other one says let her go must be guest, Nandini sees Chandra getting married,Nandini hears guests talk good decision by Chandar he will be benefited in terms of defeating magad,Nandini thinks how is that possible now with a wedding that too.

Chanakya sees around,Nandini sees him and thinks I hope he didn’t recognise me.

Pre cap: padmanand says this will b least war of that Chandra. Chandra say sthis time padmanand will be defeated. Nandini disguised as dasi tries to escape.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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