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Chandra Nandni 11th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 11th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Padmanand says why is Greek army with Chandra this is impossible,padmanand ready with his army and Chandra with his, padmanand says I will defeat them today as well his army is less per then mine. Chanakya says to helina fool padmanand I know he is thinking about our army,helina says when is our remaining army joining,Chanakya says wait and watch. Nandini sees helina and says my friend on enemy side why and Chandra I shouldn’t have left him alive last time.

The war begins,Chandra participates but padmanand stands aside and watches. Chanakya and helina keep an eye on the war too.dhananand and Chandra battle and Chandra injures him,Gautami says to Nandini I can’t see me husband being defeated, maliketu joins war with his army and steps in and starts battling with Chandra.helina

says to Chanakya oh no look we are getting weaker. Magad soldiers light up Greeks tents, Chandra is informed that we are getting weaker,Chanakya is informed that tents of remaining soldiers are burnt by magad soldiers. Chandra waiting for his remaining army but had to run away and maliketu announces so we won the Chandra army ran away.

Gautami makes arrangement for dhananand medical help, soldiers get him to bed, Gautami applies medicine and says I know you will loose today as well so I already had kept medicine ready,Nandini rushes to him and says bhaiya I hope you are fine, dhananand says Nandini forget my pain but I have something important to talk, I know maliketu is wrong choice for you and pitaji will soon break this engagement and our army is week and if Chandra attacks us again we will surely loose,magad is in your hands now,Nandini says I will marry maliketu I will talk to pitaji, magad will never be defeated.

Padmanand in celebration, magad will never loose, celebrate our victory and all have alcohol.amartya says maharaj we need to discuss something important,our army is week now and for its betterment we need to sue magad treasure. Padmanand says not a penny from the treasure, the people will help its King, announce taxes in name of protection. Maliketu and parvatak King walks in,padmanand thanks him and says thank you maliketu you are a brave soldier indeed,parvatak says you two chat I will join you soon,padmanand says I was so ride but you ,maliketu says Nandini is my would be wife and I’m ashamed what happened due to alcohol, I will talk to her, padmanand says no worries Nandini isn’t upset with you.

Maliketu says maharaj I’m your son, I’m sorry for what happened,padmanand says you truly are great and hugs him. Avantika and all ladies together and happy on their victory,Sunanda says thanks to maliketu and his army.

Bharat ma- all were happy except Nandini because of her wedding with maliketu and on other hand Chandra was upset too because of his second defeat.

Chandra on lake sees Nandini with a sword. Nandini laughs at him and says you can never win over magad, ran away like cowards twice that too,now I will kill you and attacks in him,Chandra falls and sees no one and breaks down and says how can I loose again,and injures his hand,helina stops him and says what’s wrong with you,Chandra says I’m coward who runs away, I wish to go away,helina says you can’t run away, you are Chandra what if you loose, failure its first step towards success don’t give up,helina says where will you go,Chandra says a looser has no place,helina says you gave up so soon, don’t accept your defeat Wakeup and fight back, it’s you who will have to move ahead,think on what went wrong and work on it.

Chandra says how did they defeat us,helina says sure they were ahead but now work harder and go ahead of them, I trust you, you are the bravest I know, I have seen you tackle Sikander and if you can do that you can defeat magad and padmanand too.

Chanakya addresses kings and says we defeated and the reason is some army didn’t reach because of fire burn and maliketu saved them and comes at the right time with full plan,and the answer is we have a traitor who informs our enemy about our plans and its this man,the man says no acharya it’s not me,Chanakya says take him away soldiers,Chanakya says Sobti uneasy and says leave this man he is not the culprit but this man, I had seen him go to magad during nights. Chandra about to attack him Chanakya says no Chandra don’t, Sobti says sorry I will do as you says guru, Chanakya says now you will be our informer and inform every step of magad and if you cheat again your family will face consequences.

Pre cap : maliketu says to Nandini ,that Chandra a farmers son, I knew he is no good in front of me.
Chanakya says to Chandra this is Panditji who was to go for Nandini and maliketu wedding now you will go in his place.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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