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Can our children do what we couldn’t? A DevAkshi FS (Few Shots) : Part 4

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Let’s begin.
RECAP: The kids decide to try uniting DevAkshi.
Trisha: Ok, but how?
Raj: We have to do something to make our parents one.
Vivaan: First let’s find out if Mummy still loves Papa or not.
Trisha: I’m sure she does Vivu, but ok let’s still find out.
Raj: Simple. Let’s just mention the name ‘Dev’ in front of her. If she reacts, she loves Papa.
Trisha: Yes!


The children go to Sona’s room.
Sona: What happened, baccho? (Kids)
Vivaan (goes and sits on Sona’s lap): Mummy, you know there is a boy in my class. He said that he’s very sad, because his dad is nowhere to be found. He is searching and searching.
Sona: Oh my god! What is the boy’s name?
Vivaan: Dev.
Sona clearly gives a shocked expression. Tears well up in her eyes, and she tries to control.
Raj (sees that Sona is sad): Ok mummy, we must be off. Bye!
All the children go away. Sona covers her face with the pillow and cries by herself.
The children go to their room and sit on the bed.
Trisha: Mummy was very sad.
Vivaan: Yes, it shows that she still loves Daddy.
Raj: We have to do something to unite them. I can see how sad Mummy feels without Daddy although she does not show it.
Trisha: But, kya kare? Mujhe to kuch samajh mein nahi aa raha hai. (But, what do we do? I don’t understand anything.)
Raj: See, none of us can think of anything. Let’s just put it down on a piece of paper.
Mummy and Daddy love each other. On his birthday, Mummy heard that Ishwari, sorry, Dadi, wants to kill our Daddy.

Vivaan: There is no need to call her Dadi.
Raj: Don’t interrupt, please Vivu. Ok I won’t call her Dadi.
Vivaan: Good boy!
Raj: Ok, so Mummy heard Ishwari saying that, but Daddy was not ready to listen. Iska matlab, wo apni Mummy se bahut pyaar karte hain. I understand, kyun ki unhe lagta hain ki unki Mummy ne unke liye bahut sacrifice kiya hai. (That means, he loves his Mummy a lot. I understand, because Daddy thinks that she has sacrificed a lot for him)
Trisha: That means Daddy will obviously not listen to anyone saying something bad about his mummy.
Vivaan: IDEA! If he won’t listen, he can at least read. We will have to pass him a note saying everything about his Mummy, somehow.
Raj: But how?
They all think for a long time. At last……..
Trisha: IDEA! We will disguise ourselves. We can enter Daddy’s house, by disguising ourselves as electricians, or something.
Raj: Tri, awesome! While pretending to repair the light bulb, we can stick a note, which reveals our identity, and also Ishwari’s true intentions.
Vivaan: Yay!!!!
They all hi-fi each other.
Raj writes down all of Ishwari and Radharani’s plans on a piece of paper, and also their true identities, as DevAkshi’s children: Raj, Trisha and Vivaan.
They also request Dev to once again reconcile with Sona.
Raj: Yes! The note is neatly written.
Trisha: When do we execute our plan?
Raj: Kal kare so aaj kar
Aaj kare so ab
This is a famous poem by poet Kabir. So, why don’t we do it today itself?

Vivaan: Awesome!
Trisha: Yes! I can give you all a superb makeover!
They borrow some old clothes of Raj’s friend’s father, who is an electrician. Trisha does their make-up.
By the end, all of them look like true electricians (although they are really short)
Vivaan: Take an empty bag, so that it will seem like our tools are in there.
They take a bag.
Raj: Come on. Let’s go!
Trisha: Yes, but make sure that Mummy, or Aunty Sarah (housemaid) don’t see us.
Vivaan: Ya! Be Alert.
All of them slowly creep out of the house.
Raj: Phew! We made it.
Vivaan: Come on! I got Daddy’s address from Mummy’s diary.
All of them read it.
Trisha: Oh, I know this place. It is near my friend’s house. And it’s not very far from here. We can go walking.
Raj: Ok.
In about 15 minutes, they reach Dev’s house. They ring the bell. Dev himself opens the door.
Dev: Yes, who are you?
Raj: We are electricians. (In a rough voice)
Dev: Oh, yes! You must have come to check the light bulb.
Trisha: Yes, yes!
They go in.
Vivaan: Wow! What an amazing house!
Raj: Our house is much better! We have amazing-hearted people there, not like this Ishwari!
Trisha: Shhhhhhh! Keep quiet!
Dev leads them to the light bulb.
Dev: Repair it, and call me.
Vivaan (whispers): Come on, stick the note somewhere.
Trisha: I think the sofa is a good place. At least Daddy will be able to see it there.
Raj: Ya.
They stick it on the sofa.
Raj: Now I’ll call Daddy. Sir, we are done, please come.
Dev returns.
Dev: Ok thanks, how much do I pay you?
Trisha: No, no! We will come soon, then you can pay us.
Vivaan: Yes, really soon.
Dev: Ok
He leads them out of the house.
Raj: Mission accomplished!
The three share a hi-fi.
Meanwhie, Dev moves towards his sofa.

Will Dev see the note? Will Dev and Sona become DevAkshi once again?
To know please keep reading.
I hope all of you liked this part. Next part will be the last one.
Do tell me your views in the comments below. Thank you for reading!

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