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Can our children do what we couldn’t? A DevAkshi FS (Few Shots) : Part 1

Hi guys, this is Niki. Seeing the positive response on my last OS, Love Forever, I decided to write an FS this time.
I hope you guys like it. Let’s start.
So, this is about DevAkshi, who were happily married. Sona gave birth to two children, Raj and Trisha. However, Ishwari and Radharani created differences between them, and the two left each other. Sona was pregnant with a third child and took the other two little kids along.

A sweet little girl of 7 years is shown, combing her chestnut-brown, long hair. A 9-year old boy comes along, with a 5-year old boy in his arms.
9-year old Boy: Chal na Trisha (Come na Trisha), come fast, Mummy’s waiting.
Trisha: I am coming Raj bhaiyya. Have some patience!
All the three kids go downstairs.*
Raj(to the little boy in his arms): Vivaan, aaj ma ne kya banaya hai bol.(Vivaan, tell me what Mummy has made today.)
Vivaan: Halwa!!!!
A pretty woman comes out of the kitchen.
Lady: Sahi kaha!! Trisha, tumhara favourite Halwa! (Rightly said!! Trisha, your favourite Halwa!)
Trisha: East Or West, Sona Mummy’s Halwa is the Best!
Sona serves the halwa, and the family shares a hug.
*You can take Raj as Meet Mukhi, Trisha as Spandan Chaturvedi and Vivaan as Shivansh Kotia.

A woman is shown in the kitchen, cooking something.
A man comes in.
Man: Kya bana rahi ho, maa? (What are you cooking, Ma?)
Woman: Tumhare pasand ka Halwa, Dev (Your favourite Halwa,Dev)
Dev: Thank you Maa!
The woman of course, is none other than our devil Ishwari 

(Sona has gone out to the market)
Raj, Trisha and Vivaan are sitting on their bed, chatting with each other.
Vivaan: Bhaiyya, my friend told me thatit is his daddy’s birthday today. Where is our Daddy, and when is his birthday?
Trisha: Yes Raj Bhaiyya, where is our Daddy?
Raj: I think there is something serious about our Dad, that Mummy doesn’t want to tell us.
Trisha: Then how do we find out?
All of them think, and think.
Trisha: IDEA! Let’s look in Mummy’s diary. I am sure she wrote something about Daddy.
Raj hesitates but agrees.
Raj: Ok fine, let’s go to Mummy’s room and find her diary.
The children go to Sona’s room.


So, how did you like it? I hope you enjoyed the track. Do let me know in your comments below.
Thank you so much!

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