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Can our children do what we couldn’t? A DevAkshi FS (Few Shots) : Part 5 (Last Part)

Hi guys! Thank you so much for reading and commenting, all my dear readers! This is the last part, and I hope you guys like it.
Let’s begin.

RECAP: Raj, Trisha and Vivaan stick a note on Dev’s sofa which tells him all about what his mother has done, and requests him to unite with Sona.


Dev moves towards the sofa, seeing a piece of paper stuck. He pulls it out.
He starts reading. The note says:

Dear Daddy,

Please read this note till the end. This is about your Mummy.
Your brother, Vicky was born to your mother. There was poverty at that time. Your mother did not want Vicky to face such a situation, and she handed him over to your aunt, when he was just born. Aapke Mama, uss waqt Delhi mein nahi the (Your uncle was not in Delhi at the time), and your aunt lied to him that she had given birth to Vicky. The same day, your Mummy found you lying on the street, a little baby. She took you home and fulfilled your needs. And then, she started bringing you up. However, now you are the owner of Ishwari Industrials. She is furious, that her son Vicky does not have money like you.

This is why, on your birthday, she made a plan, along with Radharani to kill you, so that the business goes to Vicky. Mummy (Your Sona), heard the conversation between your Mummy, and the goon. She rushed up to inform you. However, you did not want to listen to anything against your mother, and threw her out of the house, when she was pregnant.
This note is from your three children, Raj (eldest son), Trisha (your only daughter), and Vivaan (the youngest child). Please Daddy, listen to us, and please give us back our Daddy and Mummy once again. We are just kids, and we don’t understand much, but we surely know, that we need both our Daddy and Mummy.
Lots and Lots of love,
Raj, Trisha, Vivaan

Dev stands there, shocked, with tears of pain in his eyes. He recalls the time, when Sona had come rushing up to him, to warn him. He reminisces his harsh words to Sona at that time, and the way he had thrown her out of the house.
Why, oh why had he committed such a blunder? He had actually thrown out the person, who had loved him the most in his life. The girl, who could sacrifice anything and everything for him. And, just because of that wicked woman Ishwari?
Dev (with tears in his eyes): I have to go and deal with my ‘mother’ AT ONCE.
Dev moves towards the room, but stops himself.
Dev: But wait, first let me get my Sona back, and see my three little kids. There mustn’t be a moment’s delay in that.

Dev thinks: How do I convince her? Does Sona still love me? Yes, otherwise the kids wouldn’t write a note.
He gets his car out. Ishwari comes.
Ishwari: Dev, tu kahan jaa raha hai? (Dev, where are you going?)
Dev does not reply. He just drives off.
Ishwari (thinks): What happened to him?
Dev reaches Sona’s house.
Before ringing the doorbell, he stands and folds his hands, so as to pray, for the first time in his life.
Dev: God, I am praying, for the first time in my life. Please, please, let my Sona forgive me and let us become DevAkshi once again.
He rings the bell.
Sarah (the maid), opens the door.
Sarah: Dev babu?
Dev: Sarah, please call Sona outside. Please, hurry.
Sarah: But, I….
Dev: Sarah, I know why you are so hesitant. I have realised it, the biggest folly I committed in my life. I have come to correct it, what I did 5 years back. Please call her.
Sarah: Ok, Dev babu.

She goes and calls Sona.
Sona comes towards the door.
Sona: Yes, what do……….
She stops, and stands there dumbfounded, seeing Dev. Dev looks at her, tears welling up in his eyes, to see his wife after 5 years.
On the other hand, Sona stands there, pondering about why Dev had come back. Had Dev realised that his mother had evil intentions? Or was he going to hurt her once again, as he had done 2 years ago?
Dev: Sona….
Sona: Ab kyun aaye ho yahan? Phir se wohi karne jo do saal pehle kiya tha? (Now, why have you come here? To repeat what you did two years ago?) Please go away. Ab main aur bardaash nahi kar paungi. (Now, I won’t be able to tolerate it again.) [Starts crying]Dev (regretfully): Sona, Sona please don’t cry. I am not here to repeat anything. I know what a flaw I made by not trusting you. I am as repentant as can be, for what I did. Please Sona, forgive me, and come back. I really need you. I love you so much! Punish me in any way, but please, come back.

Sona is left with tears in her eyes. However, this time they were not of agony. They were of happiness. Finally, it had happened. What she had been waiting for, since 5 years, had happened, at last. Dev had come back to reconcile with her.
Sona: No Dev, neither am I angry with you, nor do I want to punish you in anyway. I am just happy that you realised the truth. I am happy that my Dev is in front of me, once again.
She holds Dev’s hands.
Dev: You are still the same. My kind, pure-hearted Sona. Always ready to forgive.
Dev pulls her, and they share a tight hug. Both of them cry tears of happiness, at becoming DevAkshi once again.

Meanwhile, the children come from behind. They look at their parents, and joyfully share a group hug.
Dev and Sona separate the hug. Sona calls her chidren. Dev happily stands open-armed, calling Raj, Trisha and Vivaan towards him. All of them rush towards them, and he picks them up.
Dev: This is to the little people, who actually united us.
Sona: What? They did it? But how?
Dev: Oh wait! They stuck a note on my sofa. But how did they reach my sofa? Even I don’t know how! How exactly did you do it, kids?
Raj, Trisha and Vivaan (together): Electricians!
Dev (shocked): Badmaash baccho! (Mischievous kids!)

Sona: Can someone tell me what exactly is going on here?
Dev tells her everything. The kids stand there giggling.
Sona (open-mouthed): Are you telling me that these kids actually disguised themselves and came to your house. (Looks at Dev) You idiot, you actually got fooled by these children! Couldn’t you have guessed by their height? Dimag nahi hai kya? (hits Dev’s head)
Dev: Arey, but………
Sona: Shut up! Gadhe kahin ke.
The children run into their room, still chuckling.
Sona: These kids….
Dev: Sona, why are you getting angry with the kids? They united us, right?
Sona: Ok fine.
Dev: Smile, please!
Both Dev and Sona smile, and hug each other once more. Dev kisses her on the forehead.
Dev: Ok, now let’s go home.
Sona: Dev, actually………..
Dev (puts his arms on Sona’s shoulders): Sona, I know. (looks away) I will definitely deal with ‘my mother’. (Looks back at Sona) Tum bas ghar chalo. (You just come home)
Sona smiles, and then rests her head on Dev’s shoulder. Dev puts his arm around her. The kids come running up to them.
Trisha: Daddy, I don’t like your Mummy.

Vivaan: Yes Daddy, I am scared. What if she separates you both again?
Dev: Ab DevAkshi judaa nahi honge. (Now, DevAkshi won’t separate.) And now, you don’t have to get scared of anyone. Daddy and Mummy are there with you.
All the children smile. Dev drives them off to his house.
He enters, along with Sona, and the three kids.
Ishwari sees him, and is shocked. All the family members gather there, look at Sona, and the kids, stunned.
Dev holds Sona’s hand, and the kids cling onto him.
Ishwari: Dev, how can you get her here again? Did you forget, the bad things she told you about me? That I was planning to kill you?

Dev (tells Ria): Take these kids inside.
Ria takes the children inside.
Ishwari: Dev, how can you bring this cheap woman………..
Dev (shouts): Enough is enough! If you say one more word against my Sona, then you don’t know what I can do.
Sona (puts her hand on Dev’s shoulder): Dev, don’t………
Dev puts his hand over Sona’s.
Dev (tells Sona): Let me deal with her.
Radharani: Dev! What are you saying to your mother?
Dev (shouts): My mother! I know the truth. (tells Ishwari) Just get out of this house, and take your son, Vicky with you.
Ishwari and Radharani stand there silently and look at each other.
Dev (shouts): I said get lost! You, Vicky and you also, Garib Ki Beti.
Nikki: But Bhaiyya, she is our mother.
Dev: After all this, you still think she is fit to be called a mother?
Nikki: No Bhaiyya, you are right.
Ishwari, Radharani and Vicky walk out, fuming.

Dev calls all the children.
Raj: Now we are not sacred.
Trisha: Ya!
Vivaan: Our Mummy and Daddy will always remain DevAkshi.
Mamaji comes.
Dev: Sorry Mamaji, there was no other option but to make them get out…..
Mamaji: Dev! Why are you saying sorry? What you did was absolutely right.
Nikki: Ok, now that everything is alright, we must take a photo Dev Bhai, Sona Bhabhi, Raj, Trish, and Vivu. Sit down, all of you.

Dev and Sona sit down. Vivaan rushes onto Dev’s lap, Raj sits on Sona’s lap, and Trisha sits in the middle. All the children show their teeth, while Dev and Sona smile lovingly at each other.

I hope all of you liked the FS. Thank you so much, all of you who commented, and all of you who have supported me, throughout.
Thanks for reading!

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