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Can our children do what we couldn’t? A DevAkshi FS (Few Shots) : Part 3

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Let’s start.
RECAP: Raj, Trisha and Vivaan check Sona’s diary to find out about Dev. They want to know the secret.
Trisha: Wow! Mummy is keeping secrets from us! Let’s see what it is/
The children turn over the pages.
They read:
Actually, whom Dev calls maa is not……………….
Suddenly, they hear the ‘click’ sound of the door handle.
Vivaan: Mummy’s back! Quickly, keep the diary.
The kids keep the diary, rush back to their rooms, and sit with their study material in front of them, as good as gold(Maleeha di, your guess was right! : ) Sona comes up.
Sona: Wow. My three little kids are so obedient.
Raj: Yes Mummy, indeed we are so obedient. (Glaring at Trisha and Vivaan)
Sona: Ok, continue your work.
Sona goes.
The children decide among themselves, to stay awake at midnight.
Trisha: When Mummy goes to sleep, we will sneak into her room, take the diary and run up to our room FAST. But for that, we have to be quick. I hope you heard that, Raj Bhaiyya, QUICK.
Raj: Shut up!
Night comes. When Sona goes to bed, the kids, at once rush up to her room.
Raj (whispers): Take the diary quick.
The children actually manage to take the diary, and rush to their room.
Vivaan: We were on page 3
Trisha: Yup.
They open the page.
That secret, which changed my life. It made the only person, who I considered my own in life*, part ways with me. And me, I was only trying to make him aware of what was the fact.
*I forgot to mention, Sona is an orphan. Her brother also died in a car accident, after her marriage with Dev.
Actually, whom Dev calls Maa is not his Maa in any way. On Dev’s birthday, I went to his so-called Maa’s room to get her a drink of water. She was talking to Radharani.
RR: See, jiji, this is the man I hired to do the job.
(Introduced a goon)
Ishwari: We will pay you as much as you want. Just kill Dev, well and good.
SONA’S WORDS: I was shocked! Was I dreaming? That woman, who Dev worships like God, planned to kill him? But wait, there was no time to think about that now. I had to save Dev’s life. I stood there, outside the room, still like a statue, listening to the conversation.
Goon: Ok Ma’am. The job will be done. But, just as a matter of curiosity, why do you want to kill your own son?
Ishwari: Ha ha ha! Dev! And my son! He is not my son. Vicky is my real son.
It was about years ago. We used to live in poverty. I gave birth to a son, Vicky. However, I did not want my son to face any problems, living in poverty, so I gave the child to my sister-in-law Radharani. Her husband had been to Goa for a year. She lied to my brother that she had given birth to Vicky. That very day, I found a little boy lying on the streets. That boy was Dev. I took him in, and gave him some food to eat. I actually started bringing the boy up. But now, it is too much. He has so much money, he is the owner of Ishwari Industrials. And my son! He gets nothing! This is why I want you to kill Dev.
SONA’S WORDS: I was horrified! I had to warn Dev at once. However, when I went to him, and told him what I had heard, he was mad at me. He screamed, and said that he couldn’t tolerate anyone saying anything about his mum. What’s more, he told me that I had forced him to throw me out of the house on his birthday. At the time Raj was 4 years, Trisha was merely 2 year old, and I was pregnant with Vivaan. Of course, my warning stopped the goon, and he ran away.
Dev is looking at Sona’s picture.
Dev: Sona, how I wish you were right here with me. Why? Why did you do that on my birthday?
He cries and cries, with no one’s shoulder to put his head on.
The children look at each other, with tears in their eyes.
Raj: Someone has to unite our Mummy and Daddy!
Trisha: IDEA! Why not us? Let us take up the mission of making our parents DevAkshi once more!
Trisha puts her hand on the bed. Raj puts his hand, and then Vivaan. They all pull back their hands and shout “Mission DevAkshi”!!!!!


Will the kids be successful? To know please keep reading.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope I did not disappoint you. I wrote this in a hurry, so please forgive me for any mistake.

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