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Can our children do what we couldn’t? A DevAkshi FS (Few Shots) : Part 2

Hi, all of you. Thank you so much for your encouraging comments on the first part.
Special thanks: Anshi, Ria di, Ayushi, Zuha Fatima di, Maleeha di, Pari di, Aarti di (Aarti32), Princess. This part is dedicated to you and all my wonderful readers.
So, let’s begin.
RECAP: Sona and Dev have been separated by clever tactics of Ishwari and Radharani. Sona has three children: Raj, Trisha and Vivaan. The children want to know about their Daddy, and go to check Sona’s diary.
The children go to Sona’s room.
Raj: Trisha, go and check Mummy’s drawer. Vivaan, check the bookshelf.
Trisha: No, I don’t want to check Mummy’s drawer. Snooping is wrong. My teacher taught me in school.
Raj (hits Trisha’s head): Accha! Ye idea kiska tha bol! Bol,bol! Are, bol na! (Oh really! Whose idea was this! Tell me, come on come on, tell me!)
Trisha: Ok, ok fine.

Suddenly Vivaan shouts.
Vivaan: Here!! Mummy’s diary!
Raj and Trisha run towards him.
Raj: Open it, quickly.
The children open the diary, and start reading.
The story goes into FLASHBACK…


Dev was a successful business tycoon, who worked at Ishwari Industrials (In the name of his mother, whom he was devoted to). Sona’s brother, Saurabh worked at Dev’s company, and was Dev’s manager.
At a business party, Saurabh got Sona along, and Dev fell for her in the first meeting itself. Sona too, quite liked Dev.
The two continuously kept meeting, because of many parties where Saurabh brought Sona along, and soon, the two expressed their love for each other.
However, when Ishwari first met Sona, she showed her displeasure of Dev having selected a girl for himself. Radharani, too started accusing Dev for having chosen a girl who was his manager’s sister. But Dev defended Sona, saying that she was very kind-hearted, and had a pure heart. These were the qualities which were most important in any wife, or daughter-in-law.

Ishwari half-heartedly accepted Sona, and soon DevAkshi got married.
At first, everything was well, Sona had accepted Ishwari as her own mother, Nikki, Riya and Neha as her own little sisters, Radharani, Mamaji, Vicky and everyone in the family as her own.
But there was a little bit of a doubt in Sona’s mind: Had Ishwari accepted her as her daughter-in-law? Because sometimes, Ishwari used to act weird. For example, when Dev had decided to go shopping with Sona, she used to say “Dev, jab se biwi aayi hai, tu to apni Maa ko bhool hi gaya hai.” ( “Dev, since you have got your wife, you have started forgetting your mother.”) And then, of course, Dev had to say “No Maa, how can I forget my mother”, and then Ishwari would come along too.
When DevAkshi decided to go on a dinner treat, she said that the entire family needed a break, all of them would come along. She NEVER let Dev and Sona spend their personal time.

And then one day, Sona heard the most unusual thing. Ishwari was talking to Radharani.
She said “Ab Sona aayi hai, aur mujhe usse koi pareshani nahi, par agar humne kuch jaldi se jaldi nahi kiya, to humara plan kharab ho jayega.”Sona has come, and I don’t have much problem with her, but, if we don’t do something about it soon, then our plan will be foiled.”
Sona was really perplexed. Was it just that Ishwari was over-possessive, and did not want her son to belong to anyone except her? Or was there something else to it?
After about a day’s thought, Sona decided that it was nothing, she was just thinking too much about it. She made up her mind not to tell Dev after all.
The children look at each other.
Vivaan: Mujhe Ishwari pasand nahi. ( I don’t like Ishwari.)
Raj: Shut up! None of us like her. But she is our grandmother. Call her Dadi(Grandmother).

Trisha: She is not our grandmother. She is our Daddy’s mummy. Looks like you are confused with relationships, Raj Bhaiyya.
Raj: Chup kar! (Shut up!) Grandmother and Daddy’s mummy mean the same thing!
Vivaan: Ok baccho, ladna jhagadna band karo. (OK, kids. Stop fighting.) Let’s continue reading.
Dev, I love you so much. Why did you leave me?
I was just trying to protect you. But, that day you did not listen to me. You just threw me out of the house. Why?
I still remember that day. I wish we could become DevAkshi once more.
Please Dev, I surely can’t tell you, that the Maa who you worship more than God, is the one villain in your life. This is why I am writing it down in my diary.
The following is the secret, the one which no one knows, the one that changed my life.


What is the secret? Will the children do something and make Dev and Sona DevAkshi once more? To know, please keep reading.

I hope all of you liked it. Please let me know in the comments below. Thank you very much!

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