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Bulleya swalaksan (chapter 3 )

Hi guys thanks for commenting…yesterday I was not able to post the 3 part becuz ..i was attacked by skin elegy…
Ch 3
Swara slaps sanky
And leaves
Swara immediately hugs laksh and starts crying out loud …
Swara:laksh ….laksh ..
Laksh: swra what happened …why are you crying
Swara speaks the whole matter
Laksh fumes in anger..
Laksh :i will not spare that idiot …i wanna kill him …
Swara: laksh you are not going to do anything …okk
Laksh :no Swara…
Laksh leaves
Swara :laksh ..listen laksh…laksh …

Laksh goes from back and holds sanky’s collar ..

Laksh : hey you how you dared to touch my swara…
Sanky :your Swara??
Laksh: yes mine..
And laksh punches …
Him on face
And they starts fighting ..
Swara comes in between and takes laksh with her …
Sanky :Dekho girlfriend is taking boyfriend with her…ueheheheheh…

But Swara somehow managed to take him

Flash back ends

Precap:Sanky stabs laksh …

Pls sorry me for such a short update..nut trust me is not well

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