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build your own story | urmila’s gift

Urmila’s gift

This is story is of skr and this story starts after some years of sita’s second vanvas . this is story on lakshman and urmila (lakshmila )


She walked on and on until she bumped into a beautiful man , the man was dressed in royal clothes . she says sumitranandan and hugs him . she says sumitranandan calm down . I know u r sad . u were thinking about sita didi . u miss her a lot right . lakshman says , it has become 8 years , till now there is no hope of sita bhabi’s return . bhaiya will not accept sita bhabi back , he is first a king then only a husband or a brother . urmila cries . lakshman says today is the day , I left sita bhabi in the forest . I should have not left her . she did not want me to stay there wid her , serve her . she told me to go . today is the day , I made the biggest sin of my life. Till now I am repenting for it mila . urmila consoles him . lakshman hugs urmila and they share a emotional hug .

The next day lakshman gets up from his sleep , he sees his whole room decorated wid flowers . sumitra comes there and says lakshman , janma din ki hardik shubkamnayen . lakshman bows down and touches sumitra’s feet . then he hugged her . sumitra reminces lakshman’s birth .she says lakshman do u know how u love ur brother . u love ur brother so much that when u were born , u not even needed me . u only need ur brother , lakshman smiles


Sumitra is seen crying in pain . kaushalya says sumitra calm down , everything will be alright . after some time a lady comes out wid a beautiful baby . yes the baby was lakshman . kaikeyi and dashrath take the baby and hug him . the baby cries . kaikeyi tries to console him but baby lakshman was un consolable , kaikeyi says dasi , take him and give to sumitra , he is crying a lot . kaushalya says but sumitra is resting . she I very tired , I don’t want to disturb her at this time . kaikeyi nods her head . just then a small baby about two years old comes and sits near kaushalya who was trying to console the baby . kaushalya says ram yahan dekho , yeh kitna ro raha hai . ram extends his hand as if asking kaushalya to give the child to him . kaushalya says , u want the baby ? hear take him , I will hold him and u see him ok . ram smiles and sees lakshman while kaushalya holds him . a dasi comes and says maharani sumitra ut gayi hai . kaushalya says ram we will see ur brother after words , now we will give him to sumitra mata . kaushalya is about to go when lakshman holds ram’s dress and refuses to go with kaushalya . meanwhile , sumitra comes out of her room wid much tiredness . she says didi , why r u taking trouble , give baby to me , I will handle him . sumitra says aa jao and goes near lakshman while lakshman keeps on holding ram’s dress .whenever sumitra tries to take lakshman , lakshman cries . sumitra says didi , I will make him sleep near ram , the baby smiles …..

Lakshman smiles hearing sumitra’s story . he hugs sumitra while kaikeyi ram and kaushalya come there . ram and lakshman share a tight hug , then he takes blessings from ram , kaikeyi and kaushalya . he says ma , have u seen mila anywhere . sumitra says no putra , I have not seen her since morning , usually she will be in kitchen wid mandvi and keethi . lakshman says strange , how can mila forget my birthday . he says ma , bhaiya , I will come back In few minutes and goes searching for his cute mila . he searches everywhere and at last he comes to garden . flowers fall on him , when he enters the garden . he sees his beautiful mila ,dressed in a blue dress which was his favourite colour . urmila smiles and says , why r u so late . lakshman says I am sorry , I was searching for u . urmila says u did not know I would be here ? lakshman says I know , every year u be here only , waiting for me . urmila smiles , she says so my husband understands me ? lakshman says u have always waited for me . urmila says every year I give u some gift on ur birthday . what gift do u want this year . lakshman says giving and sacrificing for others is ur nature mila . nobody can change it , last year u made a statue of sita babi and gave it to me . ur gifts r always special , the statue is still in our room is it not . urmila nods her head . she says so what gift do u want this year . lakshman says anything u give will be special for me . mila smiles . she says this year no gift for u . I am going to gift a brother or sister for taksha and pushkal (barat –mandvi’s sons ) . lakshman gets stunned for a second . he says mila , r u serious . urmila says sumitranandan , I am serious . lakshman hugs urmila . he says mila I am so happy , this is the best gift I could ever get . urmila smiles . he says I knew it this is my birthday gift for u . lakshman says u made my birthday gift special , this year too . lakshman goes and gives this good news to all . urmila’s godhbarayi is done ( aaj ayodhya song plays in bg )

After eight months

A dasi comes out and says congratulations rajkumar . u r blessed wid two rajkumars . lakshman says really and hugs ram . he says I will go and meet mila and goes inside the room . mila is seen sitting there wid two babies . lakshman gets overwhelmed seeing them . he at once goes and hugs urmila and the two babies . he then kisses urmila on her forehead . urmila smiles and they share a hug .

After some days

Ram is seen holding the two babies , he is seen kissing them fondly . urmila then takes the two babies from ram and the naming ceremony of lakshmila’s sons is done . vashisht says , so here after these two raguvanshi rajkumars , sons of lakshman and urmila will be known by the name angada and chandraketu .

Kaikeyi sumitra and kaushalya r seen playing wid all barat and lakshman’s sons .

Lakshman is on his way to his kaksh , while urmila who was coming the same way bumps into lakshman and is about to fall when lakshman holds her . lakshman says mila cant u see and walk . mila says no sumitra nandan, u r not able to see , cant u see I am coming . lakshman and urmila suddenly laugh . lakshman says a but bhi jao urmila and helps urmila who was in laskhman’s arms to get up . lakshman says u r always ready to push me . urmila says no sumitranandan , u r always ready to push me . do u remember how u bumped into me , when sita didi’s mariiage was fixed . lakshman says ok , ok calm down mila and laughs . mila hugs him and lakshman says u bumped into me , is it not . mila says no sumitranandan , it was u…….urmila and lakshman laugh reminiscing all their nhok jhokes (the music played on lakshmila is played on background lakshman says I love u urmila , the only thing I pray to god is u be with me forever . urmila says yes sumitranandan . I want to be wid u forever and ever .

Lakshmila were a epitome of sacrifice . they will stay in our hearts forever

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