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Broken heart:But still it beats for you my ladoo (raglak) epi-7

A big sry guys. I know I know I promised you people to update soon but couldn’t make it. Plz forgive me guys. Here after I will try to give an update on every other day.

Note: in last epi I mistakenly noted raglak baby name as rajesh. Its ragsh guys sry for d typos.


In landon
Laksh is shown sleeping. Suddenly his faces shows restlessness nd he was perfusely sweating.
He got up with a jerk nd shouted
(laksh) ladooo( mean while in India ragini who were busy with her ward rounds got something weired. She felt uneasy her breath got depended. She felt her laksh around her nd her vision blurred

Kaka who were in kitchen rushed to laksh room to find a scared laksh. He was breathing
heavily.Kaka patted his back nd made him
drink water.

(kaka) once again bad dreams. Why r u pushing upset baba. U love her most. U r dying with out her every second. Go nd get ur answers. Go nd get ur ladoo baba.

(laksh) kaka. I don’t have d courage to meet her eyes. I know I left her while she needs me most. I saw her eyes which had pain for while everyone were accused me. I ran away from my life. I ran way frm my responsibilities kaka. Let her live happily.

(kak) do u think she can live happily with out u. I never met her. O know her by ur words. My hearts says that she is waiting for u. Why r u punishing her baba. My experience says that she can never betray u. There is strong reason behind her silence. Go and get ur answer. Go nd get ur life.

Laksh gave a painful smile to him nd walked towards the washroom to get freshen up.

When ragini’s eyes opened she found herself in bed. She got out d bed
(nurse) u r still weak mam. U r a br*ast feeding mother. If u r not healthy it will affect ur child mam.
Ragini gave a weak smile to sister ruth who attended her during her pregnancy . Who never let her feel her ma as much as her sujata ma did.
Ragini instructed sister ruth to send patients to her cabin.

After a while ragini was busy in check up. A pt cm to her she asked his name with out looking up

(pt) shekhar gagodia.
The name made world froze for her. She looked up d man In front of her. It was her first face of with him after d terrible memories. Ragini behaved normally as much as possible to her. With a stern face she examined him nd wrote sm medicines.

(ragini) I wrote sm medicines. Plz take it on tym. If anything more u feel let me know

(shekhar) princess won’t u ask ur dada hw is he?
(ragini) plz plz don’t bring my personal matters here
(shekhar) plz forgive ur dada na princess . He is longing for his princess smile
He said with folded hands
(ragini) u lost d rut to call me princess when u betrayed me on that nyt. When u supported her on her lie when I found that my dada showed difference between his duaghters

Ragini sobbed hard
( ragini) u r longing for my smile. U know frm past 3 yrs am longing a glimpse of my love my Laksh. I will forgive you go nd bring my happiness my Laksh. Can u given back 3 yrs I spend with out him. Can u erase d dreadful nyt frm my life. No na then leave me leave me alone. Let me live my life.

She fell on her knees nd cried her heart iut
( ragini) plz don’t show any pity one. I deserve this for betraying my love. I kept silence for d man who never loved me. I betrayed d man who love me most.
Tears were falling dwn frm both of their eyes. Shekhar silently went on leaving a miserably crying ragini back.

Laksh was out for a meeting with a client in d hotel. His meeting went well. He was really disturbed frm Kaka’ words. “GO AND GET UR ANSWERS NA GO AND GET GER” thesecwirds r echoing his ears frm mng. After meeting he headed towards lift to go back his work. He was busy in his phn. As soon as d lift opened he saw a couple who were kissing passionately. Sudden jerk of d lift brought them back reality. They were embarrassed nd ran out. Laksh nodded in disbelief.
But the sight infact of him brought a beautiful memory of him with his ladoooo
Raglak were in there gav with parents to celebrate summer vacation

Ragini is wearing beautiful leghenga saari of red nd cream combination nd was in garden.
Suddenly her eyes fell on d mango on d tree. She plucked her pallu on waist nd started to jump to place mango. But all went in win. The garden were open village boys who were passing by d garden stopped there to watch ragini. Ragini who is un aware of there present continued jump to pick mangoes.
Suddenly someone pulled her. She landed on strong sweaty chest. Laksh gave a strong look d boys who rand off

(laksh) what r u doing
( ragini) watch leave me laksh it paining
( laksh) first give my answer
( ragini) mein tho aap thod rahede
(laksh) aise
She showed her visible waist which is exposed due to her jumping
(laksh) do u hw d cheek boy looking at u
( ragini) if they r starring me its their problem. Not mine
She said escaping from laksh. But he suddenly pulled her behind d tree nd pinned her against tree
Laksh eyes were red hot nd leaned towards her lips nd kissed her hardly. Ragini’s eyes were wide open in shock. She was trying to push him. He got of his hand kissed her until his anger cooled dwn.
(laksh) u r mine. Only I have d right to stair u
(ragini) yeh kya bathameezi hai laksh
(laksh) it same as when ever night u gave me gud nyt kiss without my knowledge
He back hugged her nd kissed her shoulder

(laksh) ur mine as much am yours.
He took a turn nd placed his head his forehead while his ladooo hugged him tight

********, flashback ends
Laksh was smiling insane abt their fist kiss, hw he claimed her his as apo side lover kavya ‘s voice brought him back to reality

(kavya) thinking about her
Laksh nodded in yes as he can not lie to his besti.
(kavya) I met her while am on india tour with nikhil
Laksh eyes showed sm hopes.

(kavya) she is no more d ragoo who were chirpy, bubbly. She went so calm. She lost her charm laksh. She went pale. She is a lifeless body with out soul

(voice) go nd get her man. Go nd fill her soul. She becm pain jain plz bring back our ragoooo
Nikhil who just ended with karni 1 yr old boy said with a pain fud voice.

A tear escaped laksh eyes nd he seemed to be determined

Screen freeze on laksh face.

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