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BrahmaRakshas 27th November 2016 Written Episode Update

BrahmaRakshas 27th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

At lab, scientist tells his juniors that he has Brahmarakshas’ blood and it has so many secrets hidden. Kanakaraj Swamiji does meditation and tells masked person that Brahmarakshas is very powerful, it will come back breaking all barriers. Brahmarakshas breaks cave and kills all scientists and leaves from there. He reaches Kanakaraj’s cave.


At haveli, Aditya watches video in mobile and sees Rakhi in it. He realizes it is Rakhi’s mobile. Rahika pleads masked person that she thought Brahmarakshas brought her here, but did not know it is her. Masked person pulls her hair and throws her floor and says she does not care about her as she loves only herself. Mask flies and Aditya is shocked she is Mohini. He drops mobile in a shock.

In cave, Mohini reminds

Brahmarakshas Sanjahy how she made him Brahmarakshas via a beast and mimics Apu aji sunte ho, mare ke nahi…Brahmarakshas says he remembers and goes into flashback where Mohini kills beast and makes Sanjay Brahmarakshas. She reminisces other incidents where she orders Brahmarakshas to kill doctor and his wife, but could not kill their daughter Raina. She puts all blame on Apu, calls her over phone and advises her to run away from Kamalpura’s territory, etc. She also reminds Brahmarakshas that when he was killed and buried, she relived him with her black magic and tells Brahmarakshas that his wife killed him, but she relived him twice, so he owes his life to her. She continues her drama.

Aditya watches whole video and reminisces all the incidents where Mohini overacted, during Rakhi’s death, opposing Apu, crying more than any other family members, etc., and thinks whom to inform about it and walks towards Nalin’s room. He hears Nalin and Yug chatting that they got 1 crore and 2 more crores are coming from Kiara’s father. Yug says if they should give share to mamaji/Aditya. Nalin says why should they give their hard work to Aditya, they will not inform him about money at all. Aditya realizes that even Nalin ditched him and it is waste to talk to him about Mohini’s true face.

Kiara hires a maid to take care of Mohini and asks Raina to go home. Raina says she is here for Mohini aunty and will not go until she gets well. Maid with her witty style thiinks she will strike a gold in this house. She goes to kitchen and sees maid picking wrong medicine for Mohini and says it is dinner medicine and not lunch. Maid says for her night means colors. Raina says she will do it herself and takes medicine and lunch for Mohini. Mohini enters home silently wearing same overcoat and hat, etc., and walks towards her room. She sees Naina passing by and hides. She then enters her room silently.. Raina opens door and does not see Mohini. Mohini acts as coming from washroom. Raina asks how is she. Mohini she is her magic potion, how will she not get well. Raina feeds her medicine and lunch. Mohini acts as getting emotional and continues that until her daughter is here, she will be fine.

Aditya SMSes Mohini from Rakhi’s mobile that he knows what she did with Rakhi and if she wants him to keep it secret, she should give him 1 crore. She replies she does not have a single paisa. He replies money is in home. She thinks who he must be. Aditya hides mobile under tiles after speaking. Mohini sees money bag in her cupboard and thinks how does blackmailer know, Nalini must have informed him, that means blackmailer is from family. She SMSes back that he can come and pick money in jungle.

Rishab speaks to someone over phone and takes address of lab where Brahmarakshas is taken. Raina hears his conversation hiding and thinks him as thief. Rishab notices her and throws pebble on her. She moves around, sees Rishab and says there is a thief at home, he threw pebble on her. He says he threw pebble and she is a thief to listen to his conversation. He says he got adress of lab where Brahmarakshas is taken. They both travel in car. Raina asks how does he know the address. He says he got a truck company number via which Brahmarakshas as taken, owner told he was paid 5 times Raina says who pays 5 times. Rishab says that is why he got suspicious. He rides in same route repeatedly. Raina says if he does not know route, he should asks someone. They find 2 villagers and take adress from them. The reach lab. Raina says she is surprised to see such a big lab around Kamalpura.

Vikram waits for Mohini and money in jungle and watches her coming in a car via binocular. He thinks once he gets money, he will leave this village and go far away. Mohini speaks to Kanakaraj who says why don’t she kill the blackmailer. She says she does not like killing so many people and not a small time thief, let us see who he is and asks hiim to hide behind car. Mohini keeps money behind kali maa idol and messages Aditya to pick it from there and thinks she should know who he is. She goes out and tells Kanakaraj that blackmailer may come to pick money after they leave. Aditya picks money and speeds in his car. Car stops. He gets out and is shocked to see Brahmarakshas, he was captured, then how did he come out.

Precap: Mohini says Aditya that she brought Brahmarakshas here and orders Brahmarakshas to kill him. Aditya says he is her brother. She says Rakhi was her daughter and she did not spare even her. She counts and Brahmarakshas kill Aditya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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