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BrahmaRakshas 13th November 2016 Written Episode Update


BrahmaRakshas 13th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in


Shivam and Raina bring injured Rishab home. Mohini gets worried and asks what happened to him. Rishab says Sanjay Brahmarakshas has come back. Shivam says tree log was about to fall on him. Rishab says he escaped and says he could not see woman Brahmarakshas’ face. Raina says they both were fighting ferociously and it was a horrible view. Kiara comes and yells at Rishab tomorrow is their sangeet and he is roaming with Raina now. Raina shouts if she cannot see Rishab is injured. Rishab asks Kiara what did she say. Kiara says she and his parents want to talk. He looks at Mohini. Shivam says she told about sangeet, he will decorate house for her with his assistant Raina and will take money later. Raina says let us go and leaves holding Shivam’s hand. Rishab fumes

seeing this. Nalin comes and tells Rishab that Kiara is best choice for him and he cannot argue with him. Raina herself signed divorce papers and villagers are already bad mouthing about Raina and Shivam. Rishab thinks he is right, why should he bother about Raina.

Apu reminisces Sanjay attacking her and thinks how did he come back. She reads Brahmarakshas book and reads that every Brahmarakshas has some weakness in its own body. Sanjay is seen roaring in jungle and throws stones in air. Apu as Brahmarakshas reaches there and fights with him and throws fire on him. He disappears. She thinks she will kill both Raina and Sanjay together.

Shivam and Apu go back home. Phuli ties holy threads on their hands. Shivam says this thread will save them ffrom lady Brahmarakshas, but what about Sanjay Brahmarakshas. Apu runs in village pleading people to save her from woman Brahmarakshas. Villager says how can it be, he heard Sanjay Brahmarakshas was fighting with woman Brahmarakshas. Pakhandi baba yells Raina must be behind this. Apu says Shivam brought Sanjay back to save kill lady Brahmarakshas via him and save Raina. Phuli comes and says this is wrong. Apu with pakhandi baba’s help continues brainwashing people that they should return Raina to lady Brahmarakshas and end this all. Pakhandi yells Raina is a black magician and has trapped Shivam and Phuli in her black magic. Villagers pelt stone on Phuli and injure her.

Raina and Shivam get busy decorating haveli. Ved fights with Shivam. Raina interferes and takes him aside and says they should just do our work here. Rishab sees them smiling and fumes. Kiara yells at Raina that her flower decoration is low class like her. Raina says they get only these flowers in this village and these are classic. Kiara says she will practice for sangeet. Rishab comes. She holds him and asks Raina to click their classic pics. Raina clicks. Kiara starts dancing on Bole chudiya…bole kangna song… Rishab dances with her. Raina sadly clicks pics. She slips and writhes in pain. Rishab walks towards her worried, but Shivam runs and holds her. Rishab gets disappointed and stops.

A boy informs Shivam that his mother is injured. He runs home and asks Phuli who injured her. She says Apu brainwashed villagers against Raina and villagers have gone to take Raina and give her to lady Brahmarakshas. She asks him to go and save Apu.

Rishab sends someone to call Raina. Raina goes to his room and he asks her to tie turban as it is her duty. Their argument starts. He asks why did she send divorce papers. She asks why did he call her characterless. He says he will. Argument continues. They hear Apu telling Brahmarakshas had attacked her and they both go down. Villagers reach with Apu an demand Nalin to give them Raina as lady Brahmarakshas wants her. Rishab warns they have to kill him first to take Raina. Pakhandi baba yells Raina is a zombie and will destroy whole village. Rshab warns he will break his mouth. Raina yells at Rishab that he does not possess her and cannot decide, she will go and see how this lady Brahmarakshas looks who killed her father. Nalin says villagers they should take Apu also and give her to Sanjay. Villagers say yes and forcefully take Apu and Raina with them tied. Rishab confronts Nalin how could he send Raina with villagers to die. Kiara says it was the right decision. Rishab says he will go right now to save Raina. Yug sniffs him chloroform and takes him to his room. Rishab wakes up after sometimes and runs out via window to save Raina.

Apu and Raina walk with villagers with tied hands. Apu thinks what if Sanjay comes here, how will she escape. Villagers take Raina and Apu to Brahmarakshas temple and tie them to a pole. Raina with closed eyes thinks 2 Brahmarakshas killed her friend Raina and her father. Apu speaks and Raina sees her missing. Apu comes in front of her. Raina asks how did she free herself. Apu says nobody can tie her and reminds Raina how she rejected her plea to save her. Raina says yes and reminisces asking Rishab if they could help Apu and he says no. Apuu says she will kill her today. Raina says she lied everyone and betrayed, shame on her. Apu angrily holds her neck and lifts her in air. Holy thread with ash tied on Raina’s hand breaks and falls on Apu and she panics. Raina falls down on floor and sees her thread missing. Rishab comes there and is shocked to see Apu as Brahmarakshas. Raina says she is lady Brahmarakshas. Apu shouts she will kill them both. Sanjay comes roaring. Apu says she will kill all 3 of them, she because Brahmarakshas because of Raina and Rishab, but first she will kill Sanjay. She throws fire on Sanjay. He escape once, but she throws fire again on his injured leg and he falls down and roars. Apu laughs. Apu searches holy ash, finds it and thorws it on Apu.

Rishab’s family and villagers gather in jungle. Mohini warns if something happens to Rishab, she will not spare them. Nalin asks to control herself. She asks Yug to go and search his brother. Rishab and Raina come running. Mohini hugs Rishab happily. Pakhandi baba yells Raina is a zombie and came back alive. Rishab warns he will break his face. Lakhan yells to give back Raina again to lady Brahmarakshas. Rishab punches him. A flying trishul come and hits ground. Phuli and shivam comes with guruji and say he is the one who taught Brahmarakshas vidya to Shivam. Guruji reveals Apu is lady Brahmarakshas and nobody brought back Sanjay, he himself got alive as his body was not destroyed. He says Apu will not die until she gets Raina and he needs her help to destroy Apu.

Precap: Guruji says his parrot will spy on everyone and if anyone makes mistake, they will not be spared. Apu Brahmarakshas and Sanjay Brahmarakshas fight again.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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