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BOUND IN LOVE- Ishqbaaz FF(by Yazhu) Part-3

Hiiii ISHQBAAZIANS…This is YAZHU back with the part-3 of BOUND IN LOVE…thanks for all those who’ve commented…let’s get straight into the story and my bakbaks I’ll say it at the end of this part please do have a look…

Link of part-2: Part 2


Recap: Shivaay cares for Anika…Ishkara thinks about each other…Rudy says about love angel to Om…


‘Sowmya is love angel…’ Om asked Rudy in astonishment

‘Haan bhaiyya…’ Rudy replies plainly

‘I can’t believe this…but I must say she’s too good being love angel…’ Om says with a sigh and smiled

‘She’s not good…She’s so bad…She lied to me…and I can’t forgive her for that…’ Rudy says in anger

Om asked him to say everything and Rudra explains the whole incident from the moment he saw her through the binocular until his fight with her. Om understands his and Sumo’s situation so he thought to make him understand Sumo’s point of view.

‘So she tried to talk with you…and you didn’t listen to her…’ Om asked him looking straight at his face

‘It’s not like that…she would’ve tried harder right…’ Rudy says

‘Seriously Rudy…I think Sumo’s right…you’re really acting like a kid…’ Om says

‘You too bhaiyya…I thought you’ll understand me but you’re supporting her instead…’ Rudy complained

‘Look Rudra…it’s wrong that she didn’t tell you about that Romi…but fault is on your side too…you listened to love angel for hours and even waited for her show to speak with her…but did you ever listened to Sumo when she’s just herself?’ Om asked him, for which Rudy doesn’t have any answer and puts down his head

‘See…you don’t have any answer…then how did you expect her to come straight to you and say I’m love angel…you said that she’s your friend right…then you should respect your friend’s decision and her feelings…’ Om says placing his hand around Rudy’s shoulder

‘Sometimes it happens…someone close to you hides a truth from you…for your sake…but that doesn’t mean they didn’t care for you or cheating at you…did you get that…you should give a chance to her to explain her side…’ Om explains further

While realizing his own words his thoughts again jumps back to Ishana. He’s also in the same position as Rudy yet the situation is quite different, but his mind reminds him again that she’s a con girl. It hurts him and he tried hard to not show his worried face before Rudy. Rudy gets affected by his brother’s words and felt bad, he remains silent for a while.

‘You were fasting right…did you had anything?’ Om asked him with concern

‘Haan bhaiyya…I’ve eaten…’ Rudy replies simply

‘Of course you have…’ Om says teasingly and smiles at him

‘Bhaiyya…’ Rudy makes a baby face

‘It’s ok…now go and get some sleep Rudra dev…’ Om says and laughs

‘Don’t call me Rudra dev…and don’t laugh…’ Rudra says pointing his finger towards Om

‘Ok ok…now go and sleep it’s so late…good night…’ Om says still laughing

‘Good night bhaiyya…’ Rudra hugs him and left to his room

After Rudy left Om gets to his bed but he couldn’t able to sleep, Ishana’s face and Ridhima’s video message keeps on coming in his mind finally it got stuck with Ishana’s face and he dozed off to sleep with her thoughts.

In the morning Shivaay prepares the breakfast as Om is also with him, they were chatting and enjoying their brothers’ moment. Just then Om saw Sumo coming there and finds her sad, Shivaay too sees her and called her to join with them.

‘Good morning Sowmya…come…join with us…’ Shivaay called her with a smile

‘Good morning bade bhaiyya…uh…actually bhaiyya…I’m not feeling hungry…I’ll have it later…’ Sumo replies

‘You look so dull…is everything alright?’ Shivaay asked with concern

‘Haan…haan…bhaiyya…I’m fine…’ Sumo says giving a fake smile

Just then Shivaay gets a call, he then excused himself and left from there. Om observes Sumo is sad and thought to speak with her

‘Still thinking about Rudra…’ Om asks her

‘Uh…bhaiyya…it’s…’ Sumo stammers

‘I know Sowmya…Rudra told me everything…’ Om says

‘Actually…bhaiyya…’ Sumo doesn’t get words and tears started flowing from her eyes

‘Arrey yaar…Sowmya…what’s this? When your bhaiyya is here you don’t have to worry about anything…’ Om says by putting his arm around her shoulder to support her and wipes her tears

‘I know bhaiyya…but after all that happened with Rudra…I felt so bad…I tried to speak with him many time but that duffer didn’t listen to me once…’ Sowmya complained

‘Then make him listen…just give a good hit at his head and explain him everything…’ Om says with a bright smile

‘You know what bhaiyya…you’re the best brother the world…’ Sumo says hugging him

‘Ok now…enough of getting senti…come…let’s have our breakfast…’ Om says and they both had their breakfast together

Shivaay comes to the hall while speaking on the phone, then he notices Anika coming and stopped there. He just stares at her and cuts the call saying that he’ll call later. Anika saw Shivaay and walk towards him.

‘Are you fine now?’ Shivaay asked her

‘How do I look?’ Anika asked him waving both her hands

‘Beautiful…I…I mean…you look…good…’ Shivaay stammers

‘Then you don’t have to ask me again and again…that I’m fine or not…’ Anika says with her usual crazy antics

‘Yeah…my mistake…’ Shivaay says turning his face

‘I didn’t say like that…actually…thanks…’ Anika says after much hesitation

‘For What?’ Shivaay asked turning to her

‘You helped me yesterday…for that…thanks…’ Anika says

Shivaay smirks and looked at her. He then started moving forward towards her. He gets so close that there’s only an inch of gap between their bodies to touch. Anika felt so lost in his eyes and couldn’t able to move her eyes from him. Shivaay brings his hand towards her face but then moved it towards her hair and removes a flower petal that got stuck to her hair. They both stared at each other and got lost in their own world. Just then Tia comes there and looks at Shivaay standing close to Anika.

‘Shivaay baby…’ Tia’s voice interrupts their moment

Shivaay and Anika composes themselves hearing Tia’s voice, then she came towards Shivaay and hugged him.

‘Good Morning Shivaay baby…good morning Anika…’ Tia greets Shivika

‘Morning Tia…you’re here…that too this early…’ Shivaay asked her

‘Actually baby…you know our marriage date is nearing…and I didn’t even got my dresses ready…so only I came early as Anika will help me arranging all…lot to do right…’ Tia says

‘Ok…you both carry on with your work…I have to leave now…it’s urgent…’ Shivaay says

‘Sure baby…’ Tia hugs him again

But Shivaay’s eyes got stuck with Anika. They both looked at each other, wishing to not move away from each other. Shivaay then leaves from there bidding bye to Tia and lastly he steals a glance at Anika who continues looking at him. Tia observes all this and fumes thinking that her plan may get spoiled because of Anika.

‘So…shall we move Anika?’ Tia asked Anika who was still looking at the way Shivaay left

‘Uh…yeah…we’ll move…’ Anika answered by composing herself

In her house Ishana was thinking about Om, when Mona asked her for the reason of her dullness she didn’t answer and always changes the topic. She felt so empty yet she wished to see him again.

‘Why am I keeping on thinking about him? I should concentrate on my work now…it’s already two days late and if the goons come again I have to give the money to them…else they’ll definitely harm Mona…’ Ishana talks to herself and left for her work

In his art hub Om too thinks about Ishana and he thought to visit that colony again as he sincerely wished that he may get a chance to see her again. Without giving a second thought he left from there and reached the colony where he met Ishana the previous day. He searched for her like a mad man but couldn’t able to find her anywhere. Om sits at the stairs near him holding his head and relaxed himself.

Ishana’s eyes flows tears seeing him by standing behind a tree. She hides herself from him as she thought that she may become a trouble for him if she gets in his life again. But she felt happy that she got a chance to see him, though she saw him from far it makes her feel peaceful.

Precap: Rumya moments…Anika’s doubt on Tia gets strong…Priveer’s second meeting…Om finds Ishana…

That’s it for the 3rd part guys…hope you liked it…please drop your views through your valuable comments…negative comments also welcomed…if you feel anything lacked in my FF please do let me know…Sorry guys for not giving Priveer scenes…but you’ll see it for sure in the next part…Thanks once again for your support guys…

Love you all ISHQBAAZIANS…

One for All and All for One…

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