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Bihaan challenges Thapki to reveal truth

Bihaan and Vaani are getting married. Everyone dance in the haldi ceremony. Even Kosi and Vasundara shake a leg with the young brigade. Bihaan and Vaani’s haldi ceremony is going on, along with Dhruv and Aditi’s haldi.


Thapki finds her letter in Bihaan’s wallet, and gets sad. She feels Bihaan has read the letter and did not come to save her that day. Sankara was the one who changed the letter. Sankara does not want to lose Bihaan. Dhruv wanted Thapki to clear misunderstandings and sent her to talk to Bihaan, but Thapki gets more mistaken seeing the letter.

Sankara had challenged Thapki before that Bihaan is just her husband, and she has manipulated him to get rid of Thapki. Bihaan believes Sankara more than Vaani. He asks Thapki to prove it, if she is real Thapki, then stop his marriage with Sankara, else he would go ahead and marry Sankara. What will Thapki do now? Will she admit she is Thapki or take revenge from Bihaan by the misunderstandings plotted by Kosi and Sankara? Keep reading.

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