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Beintehaa mohabbat….Manan (Part-2)

Ohhh lord today i am feeling as if i m cloud 9 which is making me feel awesome, dears Piya , Ananya, Inu ,Sarahkhan , Neha , Zuha fatima , Manu , Sharmi, Kavina
Thanku all of u for supporting and giving ur loads of love to me
Thanx guyzz ur each and every valuable comments become support for me to continue this ff
I hope u guyss like the concept i m going to show today as such its my favorite topic on which i can talk very much , i can write very much and i can listen to it anytime
No more blabbering i hope u guyzz dont get bored so
lets jump into the story

Part -2


Recap: Manik is in love with Nandini (Love at first sight)

When fab4 said “Love is in the air” Manik was blushing a bit and a small smile crept on his face which made him look more handsome .
Navya reading her book of Psychology
Nandini: Navya u have seriously became a studious girl why have u started reading from now only do it later na girl!!
Navya: u know Nandu what am i reading??
Nandini: no dear whats the topic ??
Navya: The topic is “LOVE”…
Nandini: LOVE this is nt a small thing, which can be written on pages coz love is something which can be felt with a pure heart , when a person falls for someone it should not be for the physical appearance he is having but what is the purity of his heart which should be reflected his eyes. Its not abut going hand in hand with each other everywhere but to support each other at every point of time …. “LOVE IS ALL ABOUT BEING PURE ” love is the most purest feeling on this earth it should be lustfree it should be within two souls not two bodies ….. (she smiled thing abut love)

Navya : Nandu u r just amazing , u made me fell in love with “Love”
Nandini : actually navya it is like sometimes u don’t think much but when i heard the word love first thing which came to my mind was the incident which took place today morning. It was some sudden , strange feeling which i felt like something was there in that touch i don’t know what but i think may be infatuation.
Navya: whom u r talking about Nandu??
Nandini: . That boy who is sitting over there with that four guyzz around him in white tee red blazer .
Navya : but Nandu why r u telling that it is infatuation it can be Love also naa!!!!!
Nandini :(after thinking for a while Hesitatingly ) No navya i don’t think so
Still Nandini was thinking abut it

Suddenly Sir entered to the class (breaking the pool of thoughts of Nandu )and saw new girls in the class and asked them to introduce themselves .
Navya: Good morning Sir and all my dear classmates i won’t say friends bcoz that won’t be right becoz still i have not became familiar with my dear classmates . I am Navya Naveli came from Jaipur
Nandini: Good morning all of u I am Nandini Murty from Mangalore .
Sir started teaching psychology he asked everyone in the class what they think abut this subject , so everyone one by stood up and gave their thoughts a series of words some were able to express properly some could not but our hero (manik ) was thinking only abut his heroin (Nandini).

Manik in mind: Wow her name is Nandini yaar it sounds like name is just made for u my dear angel and this is just awesome to know u r from Mangalore coz my maternal family also stays there , it will be easy for her to adjust with my family after marriage sshhhhhh Manik what craziness overloaded thing u r thinking .
Suddenly he saw sir coming towards him and sir was abut to scold our dear Manik was fortunately bell rang and everyone ran outside except fab5 and Nandini & Navya

Precap : Friendship blossoms between Fab5 and Navya Nandini

I hope u guyzz liked it
My very own concept of “LOVE” plzz guyss comment whatever u feel like without any hesitation
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