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Beintehaa mohabbat….Manan (First day of college) (Part-1)

Hiiii guys its me a silent reader , i am always inspired by the writers over here and this is a small try which i wish u guyzz will like it .
Its my first time in writing a story (a fan fiction) hope u guyzz like it. Each & every kind of comments are accepted whether negative or positive every comment is valauble, plzz do comment … Hope for the best FINGERS CROSS .. Plzz ignore typo errors
Happy reading
Lets jump into the story

The SPACE ACADEMY written in bold letters was being seen and a girl beautiful as an angel in her blue tee and narrow denim, loose hair, light make up looking at the board was felling nervous (actually very nervous) she was feeling not to go in but her friend called her name “NANDINI” (yes guyzz its our nandini) .
Navya: hey nandini plzz yaar come fast we are getting late and u r standing like devimaiya(godess) in the entrance itself don’t u know today is ur first day and standing ideal doesn’t make sense come on fast
Nandini: (hesitatingly) navya u go i will come


At that moment on the gate of college the tall handsome breathtaking young boy entered into the college removing his black shades from one hand and with a black beautiful mobile in the other. His white tee red blazer and black denim were just made for him (that any girl could fall for him at that very moment) and nandini there arguing with Navya and standing in front of gate and the boy was coming from backside and nandini was moving backwards and guess what nandini and that boy just collided with each other and nandini was abut to fall but the strong hands hold her firmly but the mobile in his hand fell down due to sudden jerk , but the boy was not interested in the phone and was staring at the angel without blinking his eyes for once also. Nandini felt that she is safe and opened the eyes which she closed due to fear of falling and a small smile crept on the lips of her. then what the boy was totally mesmerized by her and suddenly heard someone calling him and came into senses.

Cabir: Manik we are already late come fast(yes guyzz nandini fell into manik’s arms)
Manik:Yup cabir coming
nandini: thanku very much(with a mesmerizing smile )
Manik: ur wlc(with a killer smile of his)
Manik ran into the clg following Cabir and told
manik: hey bro watss up???
cabir: that toh i should ask u ?? watss cooking bro hmmm?
manik: nothing like that it was just an accident (with a small smile)
cabir: ohh really i toh didnt felt so
manik: it was like i was coming inside and suddenly saw a girl moving back showing the back to me and was abut to fallbut i hold her and felt like she is the one whom my eyes were searching till now i was just mesmerized by the beauty, her chubby cheeks red pink lips closed eyes looked as if i was in my dream land then i dont know when she opened her eyes i saw the purity of her heart in her cute eyes . Today first time i felt as if love at first sight is possible ..
He didnt realize when they reached the classroom
cabir: calm down bro i never thought manik,’The Manik Malhotra’ will be in love and that too love at first sight congo bro congo!!!
fab3 were waiting for them suddenly manik realized that everyone was listening to him as if he was telling a story
dhruv: yaar buddy u r very superfast in this love express dont u think
aaliya: no dhruv i dont think so becoz love can happen to anyone at any one at any time and with anyone
mukti : u r right aalu but then also its sounds quite strange anyways whats her name ? in which class she is ? where is she ri8 nw ? tell na!!
manik: wait yaar just wait for a sec first ofall how i wll answer so many ques and secondly i have not asked any of ur ques so plzz dont ask me
cabir: what u dont know wats her name!!!
dhruv: u dont knw her class
aalu : u dont know anything abut her now what ???
cabir suddenly saw two girls coming inside the class and told fab 4 that one of the girl in blue tee is the same girl abut whom they were discussing till now the girls sat on the second bench of third row and fab 4 were standing and staring at nandini to check who is the girl on this earth who took away Manik’s heart. But Manik was busy admiring her her cute antics she did with her friend and at that very moment fab4 saw that and cabir cleared his throat to take manik out of his dream land.Manik suddenly came into senses
mukti: ohh god manik u are gone , u r in love with that beauty
fab 4 in unison : “LOVE IS IN THE AIR”

Precap: Nandini talking to Navya abut love

Guyzz i hope u liked it whatever u feel just share ur feeling abut it plzz do comment and if u guzzz like it then only i am going to continue feel free to comment
Hope for the best Love u guzz stay tuned

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