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Because we have a past – OS

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So, here it begins…….

Radhika tried pulling her hand out from its position under his. But he held it tighter and cocked his head to one side. Raising his eyebrows, he asked,” oh! My first love does not like me touching her anymore? Oh yeah, how could I forget! I am so dumb. Ofcourse you would be wishing this touch to be of your boyfriend…. What was his name…. Oh yeah, saral!!! Saral right? The guy for whom you left me?” He looked at her with pain in his eyes.

Radhika hissed,” For God’s sake, he was never my boyfriend. He was just a friend. Still is. And will always remain. Nobody, nobody can come in between us. I mean it.” She looked at him angrily and wondered why she still loved those big puppy brown eyes of his. The same eyes which had once spoken a million words to her. Conveyed his feelings when his words could not. Showed his state of mind when his mouth could not. Gosh….. Her mind was wandering again. She should rather be focussing on how to avert the danger – him.

Meanwhile, Sam and Mala started chit-chatting in the kitchen. Mala was like a mother to Sam, who had just her father in this world. He too was abroad most of the time due to his business deals. She had lost her mother soon after her birth in an accident. But she had no regrets, since she had found solace in Mala. She could share absolutely anything with her. She even called her Masi (mother-like). She said, “So Masi, how do you like the guy? Isn’t he simply the most handsome person on the Earth?” Mala replied, “true! He is really well mannered. When will he bring his parents though?” Sam replied, “Once Rads says yes for the proposal. Because his family lives abroad and he doesn’t want to make them travel too much.” Mala thought, ‘such a family guy. Radhika is so lucky she got this proposal. Hopefully she will accept.’

There, the guy started leaving. Radhika was confused but she heaved a sigh of relief. As she watched him going out, she saw that he had turned around and was looking at a flowerpot kept at the entrance and smiling his evil smile. She stared at the pot and realised what he was gazing at. Oh gosh….. No…. Her brain started flooding her with the images of the past. The broken flower pot…. the fallen roses…. his anger on seeing a key chain in the mud with the letter S on it….. her desperate attempts to explain herself….. threatening her with suicide…… slitting his wrist….. the hospital bed…. and….. and….. ….. …..

Radhika suddenly felt giddy and fainted. Sam who had been walking in with a tray of snacks rushed in to save her from falling. But before she could reach, she saw two strong arms picking up Radhika. And there, on that left wrist, was a scar. As if the guy had cut his wrist. Her brain started working and she ransacked her memory. She remembered Radhika saying something once about a slit wrist. What was it now? Her brain seemed to stop working when it was required the most. She was clearly missing out on something.

Anyhow, Mala came out and sprinkled water on her Chhoti’s face. Radhika finally woke up and looked around her. Where was he? Had he left? She hoped in her heart that she would never have to see him again. But as she got up to go to her room, she signalled to Sam to accompany her. She had to talk to someone right now. And Sam was her sole confidante, except saral. The mere thought of his name brought back painful memories….. the picnic…. the brake failure of the bus….. the accident….. Ughhhhh nooooooo. She would have to stop remembering all that otherwise she would start having panick attacks again.

Sam and Radhika walked to their room in silence. Radhika was about to step in when she saw a pink envelope on the door mat. Inside was a blue letter….. The same as ever…. pink envelope, blue letter. These were his favorite, his trademarks. This meant that he had been here outside her bedroom. Sam gave her a worried look and the two entered her room and locked it from within. Sam knew those kinds of letters. She had seen a lot of them arriving at Radhika’s home immediately after she had graduated and returned home.

Sam realised this letter was just the first of a series of letters that would arrive now. Radhika’s first love had always followed the same pattern. He always dropped a similar letter on the fifteenth of every month, and followed it up with three more letters, the sole difference being that the next three letters would be blue envelope, pink letter. This was a symbol for his relationship with radhika, he had proposed to her on the fifteenth of some month, so they would go on a date on the fifteenth of every month, where he would hand over a letter expressing his love to her. Then he would write more letters, because, from what she understood of Radhika’s talks, the guy didn’t like to express anything through his talks. He liked to listen to her talking and would let her speak the entire time they would be together. As for himself, he used to resort to his writing skills.

In the month after they had broken up, he had sent her three letters asking for forgiveness and wanting her to come back. But Radhika was adamant. She had not forgiven him for his false accusations.

Suddenly, Sam remembered what Radhika had once told her. They had been walking at the beach when Radhika had had her first panick attack. When she had recovered, Radhika had told her something about a blue diary…. That she had started writing that diary when she had first become his girlfriend, and that she had stopped writing the day they broke up. Sam knew what she had to do. She had to find out why Radhika had behaved like that today, what with the fear and all that.

She saw Radhika sleeping in her cute pink teddy bear printed pyjamas and tiptoed out of the door, after getting her diary from the cupboard. What she didn’t realise was that Radhika was awake and was just pretending to sleep so that Sam would leave her alone and she would be able to read the letter. As she bent over to switch on the night lamp, she saw someone standing there. She felt someone’s hand on her mouth, preventing her from uttering a single sound. Radhika closed her eyes remembering the last time the same thing had happened. She knew what was in store for her now.

She had a sense of déjà vu seeing his black hooded jacket. Yeah he had worn it on purpose. To remind her of their last day together. The last day they had enjoyed each other’s company. The last day they had held each other’s hands and walked around, professing their love for each other. And promising that they would not leave the other one ever in life, because they were simply meant to be together. Why, oh why, she thought. Why do you always have to torture me like this? Reminding me of the past whenever you get an opportunity, without even realising the pain those memories give to me. Without having any sympathy for me, without……

Suddenly she felt the heat rise in her body. He was touching her…. No, torturing her. Trying his best to make her confess her feelings, the feelings she thought should have died long ago, but which were still alive, and were becoming stronger with every passing moment. Oh! How she had missed his gentle touch, his passionate kisses showcasing his love and over possessiveness, his caring hug, his everything. She wanted him, needed him. More than she had ever desired him. It all felt so good, so real, so fantastic…..

…… Until she felt her lips being squished. Yeah there it was, that kiss…. Still the same as always…. He had not changed even one bit. He was still the same… those curly hair, those big brown puppy eyes, those rough lips, those strong hands, those sturdy feet which had borne her weight many a time during their dances. But there was one change…. His kiss was no longer a passionate one, it was as if he was punishing her …. for leaving him, for preferring saral over him, and…… for killing his Nandini Di.

There Sam had just started reading the diary when it slipped out of her hands and fell to the floor. Sam saw that a photo had also come out of it. She recalled Radhika telling her that she had kept a picture of the guy, to remind her of the repercussions of falling in love with a wrong guy. Curiosity reached it’s height, and Sam turned over the photo. “What the-” Sam was too shocked to say anything. She felt so numb, she wanted to die at the very spot. After all, she was ruining her best friend’s life with her own hands. She could not believe that she had allowed him to even go near her, leave alone talking of his proposal for the marriage.

Meanwhile, Radhika’s kiss ended too soon and Arjun looked at her mockingly. “So, are you ready my love?”



So, how was it????? Too much suspense, eh????? What do you think is the reason behind this love-followed-by-enmity thing????? Keep guessing!!!!!

(I already dropped some hints lol)

Till then, bye. Take care. And love you loads, MMZ Family. ??????

P.s. will post after a small break, gotta study now. Don’t wanna fail guys. Please pray that I get good marks.☺

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