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Because we have a past episode 2

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So here we go:

Radhika finally got dressed in the orange saree with a black border (remember the one she wore that night when she went to Sam’s house with saral and mala? The same one.) She looked at her reflection in the mirror. She saw her tear stained cheeks and applied some make up.

Almost immediately, she felt her body turning cold. It was as if the winds had suddenly started blowing with full force. Radhika knew it meant the onset of disaster. She smiled to herself. Once, the same winds had been a sign of him coming near her. And there was a time when this was one of the most wonderful experiences for her. But now, it had all changed. That one incident had changed her life forever. Now she hated even the thought of him.

Radhika came downstairs and froze seeing the guests. She had never in her dreams expected this. No, no!!!! What was Sammy doing here? That too with…. With him! What was their relation? And, why had Sammy not called her despite seeing her missed calls? What was happening? Why did God have to turn everything and everyone against her, all at once?

Mala called her out and tapped her shoulder on getting no response. She kept on shaking her for a good five minutes before Radhika finally responded and started walking towards him. Towards eternal destruction. Towards a life of hell. Towards….. Her first love.

Sammy smiled at her and thought that there was something wrong in the way she was behaving. She got up and went to Radhika and supported her, bringing her towards her childhood buddy. She was soo happy! Her childhood buddy wanting to get married to her best friend was perhaps the best news ever of her life. She was so delighted when she had got the news from him, and had promised to support him and ask Radhika to accept his proposal. After all, who could be a better choice for her shy best friend, who wanted a perfect life partner who would help her get rid of her past, and also fulfil her dreams of opening an orphanage. And her best buddy was all that, combined into one.

But looking at Radhika’s gait, she wondered if she was going in a wrong direction. Could she have missed out on something? Oh wait…. Was it something related to the dark she had once talked about? After she had returned from her hostel… What had she said? That guy…. Her first love….. The breakup….. The stalking….. And the threats….

Oh God! Sammy did not know why but she had a gut feeling that something was going really wrong. Nevertheless, she brought Radhika to the sofa and made her sit. Her buddy smiled at Radhika but the latter seemed too stunned to say anything. Before Sam could dwell on her behavior, mala asked her for help in the kitchen. Both of them went leaving the two alone.

Radhika suddenly felt a touch on her hand. He had kept his hand on hers. Radhika looked at him. He was still the same. Everything. The touch still have her that tingling sensation throughout her body. His intent looks on her face still made her squirm. Oh no! Oh no! This was so wrong, so very wrong. She should be running away from him, but for some reason, her legs were jammed. She could not even get up.

Meanwhile, he continued to give her a scorching hot glare. “So, how do you like the surprise, Radhika? Aren’t you happy to see your first love back?” He smirked at her.



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