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Be With Me (Part 2)

I was talking with my stupid friends where a girl came and stood behind sahil. {the guy was sahil} and talked with him as she is talking to him through phone.

She poured water on him and started hitting him. I sighed. My heart got crushed into pieces. I shouldn’t have listened to mom’s advice. I should have searched for her.


when i saw her first time standing at the bus stop before 6 months. Before i can approach her the bus came and she went. The following days i daily went to the bus stop and stood hoping that she will come..,but their was no sight of her.

The process continued as a daily routine for 2 months. I was shattered and why wouldn’t i be it was my first love. 

I believe in love at first sight and when i saw her first day, she took my heart with her.

I told to my mom about the whole incident and she cheered me up saying “don’t worry laksh, if she is in your fate she will come to you eventually..,if you see her again don’t let her to leave you. Now stop depressing yourself and remember it as a beautiful memory in your brain. Everything happens for a reason”. 

I smiled at her and left the topic. Somewhere in my heart she was their and i don’t tried to push it away from mine. I accepted the feelings i have for her.

I was lost in my thoughts a sweet voice like a melody disturbed me and the word bhai gave me immense happiness ?and i was beyond excited to tell her my feelings.?

Sahil was her brother, if i would have the idea of it, i would have wooed her before six months itself, ‘she would be my girl friend and may be i might be planning about our marriage’. ??

I looked at her and sahil pampered her by saying ‘i will buy you whatever you want’, a grin came upon her face and she smiled victoriously and told him to get her dishes.

Sahil went cursing her and rahul introduced me and sanskaar to her. I smiled at her, she returned warmly and indulged in talking with dev. 

The way she is talking so friendly with dev made my heart to experience the jealousy and i was ready to kill dev forgetting the fact that he is one of my best friend.

But my brain popped up saying ‘dude,  you always wanted your wife to be friends with your gang and you wanted your gang to approve your wife wholeheartedly’ . ??

My heart uttered ‘She is already trying it and now its your turn to tell your feelings and to take a step forward’.

I smiled and looked at her. She was eating pizza and sahil was glaring her. She smiled sheepishly at him and offered him to eat.

He showed attitude and she resumed her work.  I gathered my courage and told her clearing my throat  and said loud enough that everyone in my table can hear


She choked on her food and coughed vigorously where sahil glared at me ready to murder. ?

As a good brother he looked after her sister and ragini dragged him out from the mall stamping my foot.?

Dev and rahul’s jaw dropped to the ground and sanskaar was smirking at me. I shrugged my shoulder and continued to eat leaving the upcoming consequences aside just for some time.?

Dev shouted “are you mad???”?

Rahul –  “dude she is sahil’s sister and you proposed her in front of him”

Dev  –  “you are gonna be a dead meat soon”.

Sanskaar  – “is she the girl whom you was looking for???”

“what??? ”  rahul and dev yelled loudly.

I nodded my head indicating yes and they laughed out loudly.

Rahul –  “I wanna see the reaction of sahil now”.

Sanskaar- “who knows when he told laksh that he will support her whole heartedly in the topic of his searching girl and …… ”

“… motivated him to not lose hope would be his one and only sister”? completed Dev.

The trio bursted in laughter and i too laughed with them.


Sahil’s p.o.v:?

How dare that laksh can propose my sister???  He is dead now.  I will kill him, i controlled my anger totally and dropped ragini at home and drove to the mall again to break laksh’s bones. 

I reached the mall and saw the four idiots laughing aloud on something.  I went towards the table and stomped by hand on the table.

They looked at me and gulped fearing me. I hold laksh’s shirt collar and dragged him out.

Dev and sanskaar rushed behind us and i think rahul went to pay the bill.

Dev stopped me from hitting him and sanskaar blocking laksh’s view.

I pushed dev and jumped on laksh but laksh hugged me tightly and sanskaar held my hands in a tight grip. 

I tried to wiggle my hands, i had enough and i did one thing i bite his shoulder.

Laksh shouted feeling the pain, where rahul laughed rolling on the floor. Laksh tried to push me from his hug but i didn’t budge i bited him more and sanskaar left my hands. I smiled victoriously.

I looked at sanskaar, dev and we three burst into laughing while laksh was crying in pain. ??


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