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be happy raglak and swasan fans

Raglak and swasan fans u all must be happy right sr is getting off air. Both of the fandoms are always fighting and trying to fall off trp when either of the pairs are getting importance.
You know what sr is getting off air just because of us. We should have watched it though raglak were not getting importance. The result of our fandom power fight is that now we cannot even watch them together ever. They all will be together someday has just minimal chance.

I have read many of sr fans saying that it should get off air, but y.. u only love sr and ur lovely pairs that much.
Guyz please we have just 20 days to retain sr just watch it at every telecast whether latest or repeat.
Please guyz please do watch it. Please yr
for ur lovely couples do watch it


even if you are ragsan or swalak fans do watch it yr
you will get a glimpse of them together pleaseyr

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