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Battle between Sanjay and Aparajita in BrahmaRakshas

Brahmarakshas Sanjay has come back. There will be war of the two Brahmrakshas. Sanjay and Aparajita come face to face and fight. It’s a battle of two powers.


Aparajita was killing Raina. Raina does not get scared of her. Rishabh comes to Raina’s rescue and saves her. Raina asks Rishabh to see the devil. Aparajita tells them that she will kill both of them. Sanjay wants to kill Aparajita and take the revenge, as he has become devil because of her. Sanjay comes on time and saves Rishabh and Raina from Aparajita. He will become positive and now fight against the evil Brahmarakshas. Raina throws Vibhuti on Aparajita and makes her less powerful. Raina and Rishabh has to run away. Sanjay will be seen protecting Raina and Rishabh from Aparajita, and planning revenge against her. Keep reading.

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