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Bahu hmari rajni kant – 7th episode (season last episode)

So im ending this season because i have to start new track in season 2 of shaans and rajni marrige. SO lets gets started

Shouguta and surili enters in the room


Shaan came out of room and say mom who is this girl

Both turns towards shaan

When shaan saw shougita the cold coffe splits out and gone to Shouguta face


Shaan laughs and went to his room

Surili also laughing silently


Surili-baby go to the room and change

Shouguta clean herself and gone to shaans room angrily

Shoguta enters the room she saw rajni and start shouting mom mom.

All the members came except shaan

All are shocked to see rajni

SUrili what she is doing here and in shaans room.

She ask to rajni-what sre you doing here?

Rajni didnt answer as she is not on

Shaan came and get shocked

Surili asked to shaan what she is doing here


Surili-what mom?

Shaan-she…….as shaaan say some thing dev said

Dev-he loves her

Amrish gets happy

Surili-But i thought that you l9ve rajni

Shaan yaaa…

Amrish-So you wanna marry?



Shaan looks at dev angrily

Amrish start doing dance and say yay finally shaan gonna marrry all are happy.

So now the track of there marriage and fun gonna come on season 2

Season 2 gonna be on the Sunday upload.or 11 november because my.exam.gonnna start so it ends on 11

Precap.season 2

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